Secret To TV Personality Chumlee's Weight Loss Involves A Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The reality TV star has struggled with his weight all his life and wanted to get in shape. It’s not like he gained all the weight in his adulthood instead he was always a healthy child from his early days. Even if he tried different measures to drop off the inches he was not able to maintain it. The...

Randy Santel Is In A Relationship With Fellow Pro Eater, Katina

The American professional eater, Randy Santel, is in a relationship and relishes a lovely time with his girlfriend, Katina Eats Kilos. The duo has been together for over half a year after meeting each other during their 10-day Alaska collaboration tour. Though their love for each other has been spre...

TC Carson's Sexuality On Question After Playing A Gay Role

T.C. Carson is a popular name in the field of acting. Throughout his career, he has been featured in many hit movies which earned him a lot of fame. However, in his career, he has not only gained fame as he has been the topic of many debates. As per his fans, it is believed that he is a gay personal...

Phoebe Bridgers Has Solidified Herself As A True Gay Icon

While the world is starting to normalize the concept of varied sexuality as the 21st century is picking up the pace, indie singer Phoebe Bridgers has intentionally/unintentionally taken up the role of a true gay icon. 

Jailyne Ojeda addresses dispute over her plastic surgery

Jailyne Ojeda Has Had To Endure Some Harsh Criticisms. Especially When It Comes To Her Body. Many Criticize The Model For Getting Butt Implants And Lying About It. But Ojeda Rejects The Claim While Sharing A Revealing Tale Of A Failed Nose Job.

Riley Green Says It's Easier To Write Songs About The Girl He Should Have Chased After But Didn't

Country Singer Riley Green shies away from writing love songs all together. Never having really fallen in love, the singer-songwriter says it's easier for him to write songs about the girl he should have chased after but didn't.


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Mike Ditka and his wife of forty years are good samaritans who believe in the power of giving

The renowned former American NFL player plus coach Mike Ditka is a happily married man. He and his wife, Diana Ditka, are now married for more than 4 decades. In their long-lasting marriage, the couple doesn't have a love for themselves only but also have a love for others as the married duo are usu...

Jack Harlow on his attachment issues and how he wants to have his heart broken in love

American rapper/songwriter Jack Harlow has had quite a few partners in his long journey to success. Sadly, Harlow’s relationship with his partners never worked out. So, did those broken relationships did any damage to his then-rising singing career?


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Rick Rubin and longtime partner Mourielle welcomed a baby boy in 2017

Becoming a father is the biggest gift a person can get at any point in life. Welcoming your little bundle of joy into this world and being responsible for them, is a magical adventure. The Legendary Record Producer is a very busy man with never-ending professional commitments and hasn’t been able to...

Pop Culture

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NLE Choppa Has A Dedicated Tattoo Guy For Every Tattoo He Gets

NLE Choppa aka Bryson Lashun Potts has so many tattoos on his body that even he forgets its count but has a meaning behind every tattoo. The "Shotta Flow" singer has his own tattoo buddy who works on him and creates significant tattoos dedicated to his family and loved ones.

Meg Donnelly On Parents Role In Addressing Child's Mental Health

Having already carved out a decent career in acting and as a model, singer, and dancer, Meg Donnelly doesn't shy away from using her influence in talking about mental health-related issues. No stranger to mental health problems herself, the Disney Star uses her social media platform to generate awar...

Janeane Garofalo Sees Weight Loss & Low Measurements Unnecessary

Janeane Garofalo has been against Hollywood's double standards regarding body weight for male and female artists for a long time now. She even has to lose weight for a movie role that she never got. Know more why she identifies weight loss to be unnecessary for actresses.


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Neil Sedaka rumored to be gay despite being married with children

The renowned pop singer Neil Sedaka is a happily married man for over half a century. But despite his public marital status, the composer has faced gay allegations a couple of times in his life. The first time he faced gay allegations was when he was working as a partner with now-late lyricist, Howa...