How Rob Marciano Is Gay As A Married Man With Wife & Family Is Special

American journalist Rob Marciano is gay as... The handsome hunk with a ripped body is gay communities' favorite... He has walked the runway for the Atlanta gay community in... He married his wife... He Instagrammed an adorable picture with his wife on tyhe occasion of...

Antonia Lofaso Bio: Got Husband After Daughter's Father, Boyfriend Death?

Antonia was not yet married to the rapper but their relationship was going places...the couple had also been formulating plans of giving their relationship a name by turning husband and wife...Antonia didn’t get to enjoy enough together time with her boyfriend as he passed away in 2011...


Comedian Beth Stelling Tattoo Memories Are Hilarious Yet Personal

Beth Stelling, a hilarious standup comedian and comedy writer, has a few tattoos on her body. She reveals one of these tattoos, which is a signature of her ex-boyfriend, and tells the hilarious story behind getting it.

Kristina Wandzilak Tragic Past: Husband's Suicide, Drug-Addiction & Rape Trauma

Drug and substance use interventionist Kristina Wandzilak has had her fair share of dark times. Those dark times and the lesson that they gave served inspiration to build herself up. We look at her past, in this article, to gain insights on how sometimes, the night is darkest before dawn.

The Witcher: Freya Allan Is As Bold As Her Character The Princess Ciri , Here’s How

Freya Allan portrayed the role of Cirilla, the princess of Cintra, in the Polish-American fantasy drama series 'The Witcher.' Below learn how the actress Allan's real life and reel life are alike; how she got cast as Ciri; and details about 'The Witcher' Season 2.

CBS' Vladimir Duthiers A Married Man? Insight On Personal Life

CBS' Vladimir Duthiers A Married Man? Insight On Personal Life. American television journalist Vladimir Duthiers is a Peabody award-winning personality who has been a correspondent for CBS News since 2014. Meanwhile, for The CBS’ charm, who is doing so well for the society, it is common for people t...


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Despite Success And Net Worth, Ryan Higa Remains Down To Earth YouTube Personality

Here know how much money Ryan Higa gets from his multiple YouTube channels and business ventures. In addition, it is surprising to know his fame and money haven't affected his mindset, as he still is a very humble and down to earth personality.

Actress Ajiona Alexus's Rare Family Details Finally Unveiled

In this article, learn about 13 Reasons Why actress Ajiona Alexus's family, parents, as well as, some information about her career in acting and music.


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Artimus Pyle's Movie Invited Lawsuit From Former Band Member Gary Rossington

Although Artimus Pyle's contribution in the legendary southern rock band Lynrd Skynrd is undeniable, his relationship with the original band member Gary Rossington has pulled the band's name into controversy. His strained relationship with the Rossington revolves around a few lawsuits— the lawsuit r...

Pop Culture

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Epic Games Fortnite Tournament Today Are Anti-Apple & Anti-Monopoly

Epic Games, the creator of the fan-favorite Fortnite, hosted a tournament called the #FreeFortnite Cup on August 23 and this cup is not just a sporting event but a revolt against the monopoly of the Apple App Store. 

Analyst Angela Rye Parents Shaped Her Black Rights Advocacy Cause

Angela Rye has no problem defeating her opponents with valid and well-researched political debates. Here, we take a look at her career and how her parents had a lot to do with shaping Angela to become a strong-willed woman.

Alien Hand Syndrome Types, Cause & Representation In Movies And TV Shows

Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a hand that you cannot control? This sounds like something straight out of a dark novel. But what if you were to find out that there is actually a disease that makes your hand sentient?


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Valentina Sampaio Gets Support Against ‘Transphobic’ Disapproval

On July 10, 2020, the coveted Sports Illustrated magazine announced that transgender model Valentina Sampaio will be featuring in the upcoming Swimsuit Issue. The announcement received both approval and disapproval in the social media.