Fox 35 Orlando's Kristin Giannas Shares Positivity On-the-job and Off-the-job

Good Day Orlando's meteorologist Kristin Giannas says she likes her job because it allows her to be a positive influence on people's lives. Even outside her work, she likes spreading positivity and happiness through her YouTube channel and social media.

Deborah Norville Talks About Her Love For Children And Motherhood

Two time Emmy Award winner Deborah Norville is a wonderful mother to three children who share mutual love, respect, and enthusiasm. Her sheer dedication to family while maintaining her career has even won her awards, and she continues to be an inspiration for women worldwide.

Political Commentator Joy Reid & Husband Share The Bond Of Family & Career

Joy Reid, the host of The ReidOut on MSNBC, has great professional and personal lives. Along with a highly-rated TV show, she also has a lovely family with three kids with her husband of more than two decades, Jason Ried.

Comedian Richard Ayoade's Immigrant Parents Help Him Stay Grounded

Before his career in comedy, Richard Ayoade was actually law school graduate from Cambridge University. But that’s not all that is unconventional about him. Find out more about Richard's immigrant parents, and his personality.

Kristin Giannas Is A Family Person And One Proud Sister Of A Cop

Kristin Giannas is Good Day Orlando's meteorologist and traffic anchor. She comes from a Greek and Italian family and often posts about her family. But there isn't a single time she has referred to anything remotely associated with her romantic leanings. Know more.

Singer Evelyn Braxton Is A 'MomMoms' To A Dozen Grandchildren

Evelyn Braxton is the matriarch of a big and famous family, the Braxton family. Her five daughters are Toni, Traci, Towanda, Trina, and Tamar, some of whom are Grammy Award-winning and nominated artists and the members of the musical quintet The Braxtons. They are also the stars of the hit reality T...


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Amidst Gay Rumors, Could Kevin Steincross Be Married With A Husband?

Kevin Steincross was a veteran of Fox 2 TV working as a news anchor. He has been called a gay man by any of the general public in their social media account. The tad bit of rumor about him being gay came from Twitter users when he was on indefinite leave from Fox 2. He has been let go by the station...

Mr. Fruit Had The Most Unusual Wedding With Girlfriend Claire | Couple’s Puppies Served As Witnesses

YouTuber Mr. Fruit had been in a relationship with girlfriend Claire for over five years when the couple finally exchanged their wedding vows in August 2020. However, the couple couldn’t share their joyous moment with their family and friends due to the ongoing corona pandemic. So, the couple had a...


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At 13, Rapper YNW BSlime Is Following His Older Brother's Footsteps As A Rapper

YNW BSlime is one of the youngest and talented American rappers. He is following the footsteps of his older brother, YNW Melly, who is an inspiration to him. As of 2020, he is 13 years old and goes by the real name of Brandon King. He hasn't revealed anything about having a girlfriend.

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Meg Donnelly On Parents Role In Addressing Child's Mental Health

Having already carved out a decent career in acting and as a model, singer, and dancer, Meg Donnelly doesn't shy away from using her influence in talking about mental health-related issues. No stranger to mental health problems herself, the Disney Star uses her social media platform to generate awar...

Janeane Garofalo Sees Weight Loss & Low Measurements Unnecessary

Janeane Garofalo has been against Hollywood's double standards regarding body weight for male and female artists for a long time now. She even has to lose weight for a movie role that she never got. Know more why she identifies weight loss to be unnecessary for actresses.

Frank Miller's Batman Artwork Revived Comic Book Art Industry

Frank Miller’s 'Dark Knight' created waves and changed the comic art book industry’s entire face during the eighties. But how did Miller achieve the nearly impossible feat of putting Batman in the forefront of the comics culture? Read along to find out.


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Lea DeLaria Said No To Marrying Soon After Parting With Fiancee

A jolly personality, actress-comedian Lea DeLaria, actively flaunts her sexuality as a butch, often in a comedic setting. However, when it comes to actual relationships, DeLaria is hardly ever seen discussing any details. This, however, is not due to a lack of an interesting love life—DeLaria was ac...