Diageo And Its Brands For 'Stop Hate For Profit' Campaign, Halt Facebook Advertisements For At Least 30 Days

Diageo has listed itself with other local and international businesses that have temporarily hold their ads on FaceBook and Instagram in support of the ‘Stop Hate for Profit campaign.’ Companies such as Adidas, Colgate-Palmolive, Habitat for Humanity, Levi Strauss & Co., Best Buy, Starbucks, Coca-Co...

These Phones Get Android 11 Beta & Android 11. What Changes From Android 10 ?

Read this exclusive article in full to find out if your phone supports Android 11 Beta and Android 11 on your phone. The article also briefly reviews the likely changes you will get in Android 11. 

All Joker Versions Explained. Which May Appear In 'Batman Triolgy' In 2021 And Beyond?

This article gives brief descriptions of the various live-screen versions of the Joker and then links to the type of Joker we can expect in the upcoming Batman film. The article argues on the basis of the nature of the new Batman and the new shooting location.

Will Joker Feature On Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' In 2021 ? The Batman Trilogy Cast & Release Date Discussed

Ever since fans have found out that Robert Pattinson’s upcoming 'The Batman' movie would sport at least half a dozen villains, the internet has gone ablaze with rumors of potential actors that would go toe-to-toe with Pattinson’s version of the caped crusader. But will the movie cast Joker?

How Tall Is Tom Cruise, How Old Is Tom Cruise, Is Tom Cruise Married & What Is Tom Cruise Net Worth? All Questions Answered

A quick look into Tom Cruise's net worth, age, marriage, ex-wife/spouses, height, and divorce.

Lautaro Martinez Will Join FC Barcelona For These Reasons. Salary?

Lautaro Martinez got an improved salary offer from Barcelona as per reports. But is it the only reason why he will join Barcelona? Let's talk about what personal reasons might motivate Lautaro to join Barca next season.


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Why 'Hell' On 'Lucifer' Needs Elaboration In Upcoming Seasons?

While the image of "hell" and "heaven" are solely based on imagination. 'Lucifer' does an interesting job of trying to make them real for us. However, the "hell" that you see on Lucifer has confused us instead.

Why Dark Actress Lisa Vicari Begged Her Mother To Join Acting? Does She Have New Tv Shows And Movies?

Young actress Lisa Vicari has portrayed emotionally-demanding roles such as Martha in Dark and Leone in Hell. Her persistence and craze for acting started young. She got family environment that catered her emotional self. That means she was listened to and challenged at the same time.


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Clement Lenglet Is Becoming The Most Important FC Barcelona's Defender

Clement Lenglet has had an incredible turn of fortune, and that combined with hard work and good performances, has turned him from an intended backup to Samuel Umtiti to an undisputed starter. And in recent times, Lenglet has also started to become one of the most important players in Barcelona's de...