CBS' Vladimir Duthiers A Married Man? Insight On Personal Life

CBS' Vladimir Duthiers A Married Man? Insight On Personal Life. American television journalist Vladimir Duthiers is a Peabody award-winning personality who has been a correspondent for CBS News since 2014. Meanwhile, for The CBS’ charm, who is doing so well for the society, it is common for people t...

Frank Miller Recent 'Cursed' Move Is A Step Forward For Woman Empowerment

Learn how Frank Miller moved out of his comfort zone and highlighted a female protagonist in his latest comic book-turned-series 'Cursed.'

How To Identify Early Signs of Emotional & Verbal Abuse In Abusive Relationships? What Should Victims Do?

Abusive behaviors in relationships are more common than one might imagine. This article aims to raise awareness about the red flags to watch out for.

‘Lost In Space’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Recap Of The First Two Seasons

Netflix’s sci-fi adventure series Lost In Space has been renewed for a third season. Here is a complete update on the show's release date, cast, and the recap of the first two seasons.

Cursed Episodes, Season, Casts, Plots, Release Date & Netflix News

After the first season of 'Cursed' emerged as a winner, fans have been curious. Know about its Episodes, Season, Casts, Plots, Release Date & Netflix News.

Will Joker Feature On Matt Reeves' 'The Batman' In 2021 ? The Batman Trilogy Cast & Release Date Discussed

Ever since fans have found out that Robert Pattinson’s upcoming 'The Batman' movie would sport at least half a dozen villains, the internet has gone ablaze with rumors of potential actors that would go toe-to-toe with Pattinson’s version of the caped crusader. But will the movie cast Joker?


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Robert Pattinson's Movies: Filmography From 'Twilight' To ' The Batman'

Pattinson is now set to play Batman in Matt Reeves 'The Batman' (2021). Here we look at the actor’s strange evolution from his much-controversial role as Edward Cullen in 'Twilight' to another disputed casting in 'The Batman'

Actors Warner Bros. Should Consider For Possible 'Batman Beyond' Project

A live-action Batman Beyond may be years away from development; it could be well around 2024/25 till we see the release of a live-action 'Batman Beyond' project.


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Taylor Swift Gifts ‘Cardigan’ To Fans & Celebs Such As Joey King, Kesha, & Colbie Caillat

Know about Taylor Swift's new album 'Folklore' inspired merchandise and cardigans available in her stores.

Pop Culture

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Communication Skills Techniques: How To Build Good First Impression?

Sometimes, conversations can be hard—our fidgety first conversations usually result in awkward silences and the general weird vibe in the room. But how can we minimize those and form a good first impression?

How Should Mental Health Counselors Conduct Counseling Sessions?

Generally, amateur counselors at the beginning of their careers could make rookie mistakes when dealing with their clients. They may fail to identify the personality traits of a client or maybe misled by their beliefs themselves. But if they don't master the craft soon enough, they may fail to reali...

5 Movies & TV Shows That Have Helped Us Understand Depression

Here we take a look at TV and movies that have portrayed depression accurately. We will also discuss the portrayal of depression and mental health issues in TV shows and movies.


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Valentina Sampaio Gets Support Against ‘Transphobic’ Disapproval

On July 10, 2020, the coveted Sports Illustrated magazine announced that transgender model Valentina Sampaio will be featuring in the upcoming Swimsuit Issue. The announcement received both approval and disapproval in the social media.