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We are always looking forward to working with talented authors in the industries such as Hollywood, celebrity culture, relationship gossip & advice, pop culture, and minority culture (LGBTIQ+ and others).

Are you someone who cannot stop voicing your opinions in matters of culture and rights? Are you someone who deeply cares about the Hollywood & western media industry and its famed stars?

If yes, please send us your details at info@hollywoodmask.com. We welcome those writers who can bring fresh perspectives on issues and buzzing stories. 

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We believe that writing is one of the most inspiring forms of art that needs perfection to master. In order to join our writing team, you need to have proficient writing skills and knowledge about a specific set of industries or niche/s. If you are selected, you will get a paid opportunity to publish articles under your byline. In addition, you will get support and push from our Editorial team and other writing peers & professionals.