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Gossip has been rooted in our history. Long ago, people would gather in noisy tea/coffee shops and talk about everything from culture, politics to business. The places would get visits from locals, businessmen, elites to government spies ⁠— whose only purpose of going there would be to understand the happenings in the society.

Now, it is the age of technology. We know what is happening around us on our gadgets. The technological advancement has made easy for us to keep updated about anything we want to know.

But are the important voices and opinions of the outnumbered being covered properly in the mainstream media? Isn’t it necessary that media cover gossips & opinions based on the principles of reliability and credibility?

To answer such questions, was formed in 2018 with a team of dedicated contributing writers and careful editors, who wanted to make a difference in the world. It was formed with a primary objective to cover important stories, events and thoughts that were limited not only to the majority culture but also highlighted the voices of the minority ⁠— be it in the sphere of politics or in the societal melting-pots such as Hollywood.

Thus, the major factor in driving our content development process will always be diversity. We believe that the only way we can work out through our differences is to try to understand each other differences with empathy. We have to accept that the world is not only for a few numbers of people. We have got to learn from other’s religions, races, cultures, and points of view.  Without diversity, life would be boring.

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