About Us

At Hollywood Mask, we don’t want to report the news; we want to tell stories. 

The all-encompassing entertainment behemoth that is Hollywood is a monument erected on the bedrock of storytelling. Within that realm reside countless actors, actresses, and entertainers that have woven themselves into the fabric of popular culture.

Some have done so through the strength of their work and talent. Others have found fame through sheer charisma - an allure that burns with the force of a thousand suns. These individuals have stories to tell, and they are stories in and of themselves.

That’s where we come in. Our team of researchers, writers, and editors tell stories while adhering to one fundamental tenet - cultivate, write, and publish entertaining, engaging, and insightful content. 

Our diligent team of researchers scours the depths of the entertainment world in search of White Peacock stories - ones that stand out from the homogenous clutter. Our perceptive and keen writers breathe life into those stories with their words. And our astute editors ensure the nuts and bolts are in order and add additional value to those stories. 

We’re an enthusiastic bunch - a team of dreamers and storytellers. We believe words are powerful and that stories matter. The right story at the right time, written in the right way, can provide a wholly new prism to see things through. The right story can conceive, shape, and shift opinion. That is what we aspire to do and be. 

We’re Hollywood Mask. We don’t report the news; we tell stories.

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