Kaia Gerber is not the most famous for having tattoos. In fact, her inks might be one of the least-known things about the model.

However, you have to admit, Gerber has got quite the taste in body art. If you are into small, minimalistic tattoos, you might not need to look any further than her collection.

Here is an introduction to every known tattoo she has and the meanings behind her (if available), and also something about why she underwent tattoo removal for one of her inks.

Kaia Gerber’s Tattoos


Gerber took inspiration from herself for her first tattoo ever — her full name is Kaia Jordan Gerber.


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She revealed the ink on her left bicep in October 2018. The design is done in an attractive script and is most visible when she lifts her left arm.

'I Know'

A month after getting her first ink, she got her second. In November 2018, she revealed a small ink on her left hand's outer-wrist that reads 'I Know' with a red strike-through.

It was done by tattoo artist JonBoy, and first revealed on his Instagram.

Picasso recreation

Another JonBoy piece, Gerber's Picasso tattoo is a recreation of a Picasso drawing. It lies just above her left elbow.

Gerber gave Picasso's 'Woman With Bird' a new minimal look with this one.


'23' is another one of Gerber's minimalistic tattoo. It lies on her right elbow.


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The piece is so small that you might not even spot it if you do not pay attention. As for the meaning behind it, nobody knows except her. And you will be wrong if you guessed she got the design after she turned 23 — Gerber is only 21.

Anatomical Heart

Anatomical Heart might be one of Gerber's most detailed inks. After all, it is a drawing of an actual heart; her take on the usual heart designs.

The ink, done in red ink, appears on her right forearm. Done in September 2019 by JonBoy, her preferred body art artist, it also shows that black is not her only color of choice for tattoos.

Winged Angel

One of the only few of Gerner's inks not on her arms, the Angel tattoo is a picture of a baby angel with wings on her right ribcage.

Kaia Gerber shows off a few of her many tattoos, including her rib cage Angel tattoo.

Kaia Gerber shows off a few of her many tattoos, including her rib cage Angel design. (Photo: Kaia Gerber/Instagram)

The piece is mostly on display when the model is in a more revealing outfit.

Interlocking Arms

Interlocking arms was a tattoo that used to be on display right below her right shoulder. It was her version of arms being interlocked in the form of a heart.

Kaia Gerber's now removed shoulder tattoo of interlocking hands.

Kaia Gerber's now removed shoulder tattoo of interlocking hands. (Photo: Evan Kim/Instagram)

She got this ink in January 2020 from Evan Kim, but by November 2021, she had gotten rid of the piece.

Gerber has never revealed why.

Floral Arrangement

The same day she got the interlocking arms, she also got another small ink — a delicate arrangement of flowers — on her inside left wrist.

Kaia Gerber's floral arrangement tattoo on her left wrist.

Kaia Gerber's floral arrangement tattoo on her left wrist. (Photo: Evan Kim/Instagram)

Unlike its counterpart, Gerber has not removed this one.

Strawberry Fields

This tattoo, first noticed by fans during a September 2019 runway show, appears on the left side of her back.

Kaia Gerber's Strawberry Fields tattoo on her left back.

Kaia Gerber's Strawberry Fields ink on her left back. (Photo: Twitter)

It reads 'Strawberry Fields' in fancy curved letters. It is inspired by the Beatles.


Another arm tattoo, the numbers '444' appear just above her right elbow.


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It is a faint piece, much like her '23' tattoo.


'prez' is Gerber's less talked about tattoo. she showed off this one, which is on her right back, around the place where her 'Strawberry Fields' tattoo is on her left side (visible in the above picture).

Matching tattoos with Charlotte Lawrence

Apart from these, there are a lot of other designs that Gerber never posts on her feed on Instagram. A few of these match with her friend, Charlotte Lawrence.

They have matching tattoos of Eros, which they got after a trip to Greece, a mermaid, and a glass of wine. They also have a small ink of each other's breasts, which Gerber says is a "realistic rendering."

She does not have a favorite design, but all of her body arts "represent such an important time in my life." She also does not feel like she will ever regret them.