Victoria Zito, one of the many stars of Bravo TV's Real Girlfriends in Paris, became an overnight sensation after the premiere of the show on September 5, 2022. In the show, she is one of the six American women living in Paris and exploring life there.

While the show's premiere might have its part to play in her sudden rise in popularity, it was also her vulnerability and openness on the show that won fans' hearts. Among many things, Zito embracing her sexuality in public for the first time in her life was the highlight for the show's followers.

And this becomes that much more special after knowing her background and how she arrived at her present place of openness.

Victoria Zito Came Out as Bisexual

Before the show, Zito was, to everyone that saw her, just another woman. The 26-year-old is a fashion designer born and raised in a conservative environment in Texas.

But when the cameras started rolling for the show's filming in 2021, she felt at ease to come out of the closet. Only Margaux Lignel, her longtime friend, knew her true sexuality.

When she finally made her reveal, which she did by admitting/announcing she was trying to get with a girlfriend, everyone else celebrated her coming out. This, in a way, surprised the reality TV star.

Victoria Zito, who recently revealed her true sexuality, in Paris.

Victoria Zito, who recently revealed her true sexuality, in Paris. (Photo: Victoria Zito/Instagram)

She was born and raised in a conservative family in Sunnyvale, Texas, and had little exposure to talks about sexuality and similar topics. She admitted that her family even used to make fun of gay people during an interview with Page Six.

Zito was not used to seeing celebrations about things like that, and that was what took her aback for a while. She was expecting questions and insinuations from people about if she was SURE she was bisexual.

Instead, what she got was an immense support from everyone, including Lignel, who had been there for her from before she made the revelation.

Victoria Zito’s Ex Husband and Life after Divorce

Zito's parents always encouraged her to stick to what she knew and felt familiar with. In other words, she was advised to stick to the "status quo."

And for a time, she did. Zito married her now ex husband at a very young age and tried to settle down into normal life.

Paris probably has more significance to her than her other castmates as that was where she was before the show came along. She moved to the City of Light with her ex husband in 2017 to pursue a scholarship in fashion design at the Parsons Paris art school.

While there, her married life took a turn for the worse when she found out he was cheating on her. So, she filed for divorce, and that was when she found real freedom.

"After getting divorced, I really decided I’m done doing things for other people and living to seek other people’s approvals," she told Page Six. "Everything I’m doing now is really for me and I’m really happy about that."

Getting divorced at such a young age presented her with a few difficulties. She was expected to keep her separation out of public knowledge, but she violated that unspoken rule. Zito was not ashamed of her past.

Divorcing her ex husband also gave her the time she needed to seek much-needed acceptance from the LGBTQ+ community.

When the show's filming began, her family members did not know about her bisexuality. So, she said coming out was a big "relief."

"I don’t have any other choice but to embrace it now. It’s actually a really beautiful thing not having that choice," she said. "It’s a sense of relief because I know that I might even have a greater support system than I would have had not doing the show."

Her mother found out right before the show's premiere on September 5.

As for now, she is excited to see how this next chapter of her life unfolds. She is also interested to see where her romance with Emmelle, her female interest, who she met through a dating app, goes. 

However, it is not just women she dates. Viewers will see Zito tread the dating waters with both men and women throughout the show's first season.