If you know Nessa Barrett, you know her love of tattoos and that every piece of her tattoos holds a special place in her heart. 

The TikTok prodigy has a matching design with her boyfriend Jaden Hossler, which they marked to commemorate the initiation of their relationship. But that's not it; Barrett also has matching designs with her mom and her friend.

Nessa Barrett's Matching Tattoo with Boyfriend

Barrett and Hossler have been dating since January 2021. According to an April 2021 article from Seventeen, both TikTokers had the number "3" tattooed on their bodies. Artist Isaac Pelayo unveiled her ink in an Instagram story. 

While Hossler got the number engraved on the right side of his neck, Barfrett had it inscribed on her left thumb. However, what the number in their relationship represents is ambiguous.

The number is frequently used as a reminder to follow your heart, and some users of the Instagram profile @TikTokInsiders observed that it is "a magical number when it comes to love."

Nessa Barett and boyfriend Hossler has matching tattoos.

Barrett with her boyfriend, Jaden Hossler, at 2021 VMAs. (Source: Nessa Barrett/Instagram)

The couple also has motifs like butterflies or angel wings to match the pattern. Hossler has a few other butterflies on his arm, while Barrett has a couple in her left hand. The two have several words inked on their body.

Meanings behind Nessa Barrett's Tattoos

Barrett has a whole Pinterest folder dedicated body arts. In a November 2020 interview with Elite Daily, the 'Pain' singer revealed she enjoyed marking designs related to her music or personal life. 

"Most of my tattoos have something to do with music. I remember growing up, whenever I would sing, my voice would be described as pure, or different, or unique," she said.

Her first tattoo was a handwritten phrase "HEAVY SOUL" on her ribcage. Her fourth was the word "pure" which she got on her neck. She said she selected the term because she liked how it sounded and referred to it as a "nice word." "I was a little nervous because it was on my neck and my first one in that area, but it wasn't that bad!" she added. 

She has two butterflies in her right hand, which matched with her late friend Cooper Noriega. She got them when the latter was recovering from drug abuse. Another matching ink on her inner right arm reads, "I loved you at your darkest." Her mom also has a tattoo in the same place with a phrase that reminds her of Barrett.


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The TikTok star has a spider design on her left arm. In a 2021 TikTok video, she revealed she got it when she was suffering from a difficult mental stage and wanted to look "hard."

She noted that one day she wanted to complete one entire sleeve and get the phrase "anxiety" tattooed on her body. "Then, over it would be a spider. I kind of want my sleeve tattoo to be based on all my struggles and the ones around it to explain how I overcame them," she added in interaction with Elite Daily. 

The social media influencer also has inked number tattoos like "777" and "11:11."