Ever since Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett confirmed their break up in May 2022, he had been lying low on social media. And that might be because the hate campaigns against the rockstar were rampant. 

Netizens theorized he had cheated on Barrett just like he had on his former girlfriend, Mads Lewis. The former couple had clarified they broke up to focus on their mental health and music careers. 

But after the breakup, his friend Landon Barker unfollowed him on Instagram and said Hossler had done everyone dirty. 

People were speculating he had allegedly cheated on the ‘Counting Crimes’ singer with Barker’s then-girlfriend, Josie Canseco. And then, Barrett subtly shaded him with TikTok videos and Instagram posts. 


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No one knew the truth, but the internet villainized Hossler, who remained silent and did not respond to the speculations. 

But after several weeks of MIA, Hollywire reported on his latest social media activities on July 13, 2022. 

Fans Claim Jaden Hossler Is Shading His Ex Girlfriends

According to Hollywire, a user commented that Hossler was realizing he didn’t have enough people in his life and needed to make amends.

The user added a disclaimer that he could be wrong, and based on Hossler’s reply, he was. The musician simply replied, “naw, lol,” hinting he had no regrets. 

Besides replying to this comment, he also liked a tweet that claimed he was “the good guy everyone villanized with no evidence.”

Hossler’s like was screen grabbed and shared as an Instagram post by The original Tiktokroom. 

Jaden Hossler's tweet that made fans think he was shading his ex-girlfriends

Jaden Hossler's tweet made fans think he was shading his ex-girlfriends. (Source: Instagram)

Many users were still not convinced he was the good guy and said that proof or no proof, his past actions were questionable. 

“Why do I feel like he doesn’t count cheating as a bad? That’s why he thinks he’s a good person deep down lol,” one user wrote in the comments section. 

“I will never understand Jaden stans or Jaden himself, pls,” another user wrote. 

Hossler did not respond to these claims, but he did tweet something cryptic, which many thought was a message for his former girlfriends. 

“They would lol,” tweeted the singer, and although it was very vague, fans thought he was shading Barrett and Lewis. 

Mads Lewis and Nessa Barrett Follow Each Other Again

The alleged shade came after Barrett and Lewis refollowed each other on Instagram.

There are speculations the duo has reconciled since their mutual friend, Cooper Noriega, passed away

After the death, Barrett posted a tribute to her late friend and released the song ‘die first.’ She promoted it on Instagram, and eagle-eyed fans noticed Lewis had liked that post and her tribute as well. 

Later, Lewis was also lip-syncing to the song in a TikTok video. Fans commended the duo for being mature and burying the hatchet for the mutual friend. 

The duo was initially friends, but their friendship faltered after Barrett started dating Hossler, who was previously dating Lewis. Lewis claimed she was cheated on and ended her friendship with the former couple.