Jaeden Martell came to the recognition of a wider audience after his prominent work in 2017's movie adaption of Stephen King's novel It and its 2019 sequel, It Chapter Two.

In the supernatural horror series, the teenage actor portrayed the role of Bill Denborough, and since then, the character has been widely remembered by movie audiences.

At a relatively young age, the promising actor has been seen in quite a few movies and television shows. Some of the movies that he's worked on so far include The Book of Henry and the 2019 murder mystery Knives Out.

Martell started his movie career as a child actor with 2014's American-comedy drama St. Vincent, alongside legendary actors like Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts, and Terrence Howard.

In 2015's romantic comedy Aloha, the promising actor was a part of an ensemble cast that included Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, John Krasinski, and Alec Baldwin. 

In the same movie, Martell renewed his association with Bill Murray.

Martell has also wowed audiences with his craft in popular television shows like American Dad, and the Apple TV+ show Defending Jacob, which centers around Martell's character. In the series, the teen actor plays the role of Chris Evans' son, Jacob Barber.

Jaeden Martell's Personal Life

The Philadelphian actor was born in 2003 as Jaeden Wesley Lieberher to his parents Wes Lieberher and Angela Martell. He celebrates his birthday on January 4.

During his first six years working in the entertainment business, Martell was always credited as Lieberher, but in 2019, the actor changed his name legally and is now known by his mother's last name.

Talking exclusively to GoldDerby.com, Martell revealed the reason for his legal name change. The actor said, 

That is my mom’s last name and I wanted to honor her because she is here with me every day that she’s on set with me and she makes me the person I am. I owe everything to her and she has raised me the last 17 years.

The reason for the change in his family name could be a result of his father's separation from his mother, Angela. However, it is difficult to accurately say when they decided to go their separate ways.

His biological father, Lieberher, is known to be married to another woman and has children with his second wife.

A peek into Martell's official Instagram reflects his closeness with his mother and in one of his birthday posts dedicated to his mother, the movie actor posted a childhood picture of her and called his mom "my favorite person."

Is Jaeden Martell Single?

Despite rumors of Martell being in many relationships in the past, there is no concrete information, at least in public, to suggest whether he's single or dating someone at present. There arent even enough records to link him to a potential girlfriend.

As per one rumor, Martell was understood to be dating his The Book of Henry co-star Maddie Ziegler. However, Ziegler is known to be in a long-time love affair with her boyfriend, Eddie Benjamin.


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There are also speculations regarding Martell's sexual orientation. He is speculated to be gay after he was frequently seen in the company of It co-star Jack Dylan Grazer during press promotions and award ceremonies.

However, as there are no publicly known details regarding Martell's sexuality and dating history, so these claims can be categorized as nonsensical rumors for now.