John Krasinski directed his wife, Emily Blunt, for a second time while making A Quiet Place Part II, and he has been anything but shy about how much he loves working with her. 

The couple has been busy promoting their long-awaited horror sequel, and in the process, Krasinski opened up about working with his talented wife on the project.

A Doting Husband

The celebrated filmmaker came to surprise the audience at a screening of his latest movie at an AMC movie theater in New York City, where he also met an ET representative. 

In that conversation, the actor outright announced that his wife was the greatest collaborator he had ever worked with. He added,

To actually be there when she's doing what she's doing, I was just blown away and in awe.

The Couple Was Nervous the First Time

Although both Krasinki and Blunt were seasoned performers when they collaborated for the first time in A Quiet Place, the husband revealed that they were really nervous working around one another.

It does come as a bit of surprise, but he clarified that working in Hollywood was like working on separate islands. Once either of the two sign up for a movie, they have their own crew, and the process is almost isolated. 

However, with both husband and wife under the same banner for the second time now, the Monsters University star revealed that the process of making this new movie was all celebration. 

Blunt Can Turn Her Acting On & Off

That was not all! The doting husband went on to sing praises for his wife and her acting skills. 

Krasinki explained that Blunt was the type of actress who could deliver an intense performance flawlessly and simply step out of character in a snap.

He answered exactly why he considered his wife to be the perfect collaborator when he said

If you're able, and if you're talented enough to switch it on and off like that, you make my job easy.

'The Most Talented Actress of Our Time'

Also, this was not the first time that the talented director has gushed about his wife in the public eye.

Even back in March 2020, during the premiere of A Quiet Place Part II, he confidently stated that Blunt was, without a doubt, "the most tremendous actress of our time," in his opinion. 

He further claimed that his wife was the most incredible partner he could have in writing, directing, and set design.

In his words, his wife wasn't just the best actress in the world but also his partner in all things on set, thanks to her creative prowess. 

A Love Letter to His Children

The entire franchise of A Quiet Place is very personal to Krasinski because, to him, this horror saga was "a love letter to his children."

He has explained on several instances that the first movie was about the promise all parents make to their children, a promise that they will always be there for their kids.

However, he also admitted that it was a very brittle promise because it would eventually be broken.

So, the second movie was about the kids leaving the safely of the nest and taking on the world on their own.