Saturday Night Live (SNL) star Kyle Mooney came with a valentine special SNL-skit on February 14, 2021. But, Mooney looked lonely without his skit-girlfriend Leslie Jones. 

Mooney and the comedy star Jones entertained the viewers with their skit-romance sketches in SNL for the past few years. However, the recent skit seemed empty, not having Jones accompany Mooney. 

The sketch story plot- the lonely Mooney decides not to be lonely anymore and starts making friends at his workplace and rebuilds his relationships. The lonely guy’s attempt only makes his co-workers more uncomfortable, and they do not show up at his party on valentine’s day. 

On Feb 15, 2021, Mooney made an Instagram post by uploading his photo from his recent skit set, looking fancy in the red suit. 


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Mooney and Jones Skit Romance

The skit couple’s exaggerated romance with a touch of humor certainly made them fans’ favorite. 

The screen-romance started in 2016 with their first skit, Love and LeslieSince then, the skit has been followed with several others magnifying their scripted love life. 

In May 2019, Mooney posted on Instagram a picture with the comedian and co-workers, requesting his followers to watch the couple’s skit, Leslie and Kyle. 


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Did the Skit-couple Date Off Screen?

As a result of the couple’s overemphasized romance on the screen, some shipper-fans really thought they were dating in secret. And the couple were even rumored to have been married.  

No doubt, the fans might have gotten the idea from their surreal skits. But, their romance was only limited to the screens as a part of their job. 

However, their love act came to an end after the comedian left SNL in 2019.

Additionally, Jones’ post on Twitter in 2020, where she jokingly wrote she wanted a boyfriend as a birthday present, must have cleared the air regarding the SNL stars’  dating rumor.