Kat Stickler became the internet's favorite mother at the start of 2021. She achieved that fame through TikTok and her former husband Mike Stickler's support.

However, the young couple's marriage did not last that long, and they separated after the birth of their baby, daughter MK, whose full name is Mary Katherine.

Despite being separated for almost a year, the most frequent question they still get is about their divorce. And they had never revealed much about the circumstances of their divorce until now.

Hence, this article will delve into their relationship and what probably led to their divorce. Also, find out about their relationship with their daughter MK. 

Why did Kat Stickler's marriage with her ex-husband end?

On March 17, 2021, Kat and the father of her daughter, Mike, full name Micheal Stickler, announced they were divorcing.

And in their announcement video on TikTok, they said that no one was really at fault for the split and greed to co-parent their daughter together.

"We go forward with love and respect for each other 100%. We are also totally committed to co-parenting MK to the best of our abilities. We just ask you to respect our privacy," Kat said in the video, to which Mike agreed, adding, "Kat is not at fault at all. There is a lot of things I need to work on in my life. So again, if you could, please respect our privacy."

Straightforwardly, the video represented their divorce as things not working out between two people. They had an amicable breakup and were committed to co-parenting MK to the best of their abilities. However, many fans took the news with a grain of salt. 

"Just the fact that he looked unbothered in this while she looked crushed is bothering me. Poor Kat. She deserves only happiness not this situation," a fan commented. 

"I don't like how he says "Kat is not at fault" we already knew that. You saying that makes me think you it is her fault," another fan wrote. 

"You know, interesting enough you don't need to be single to work on yourself. What an excuse… you're worth the world K.  happy to see you grow," one fan argued. 

Kat Stickler and her ex-husband Mike signed a non-disclosure agreement

Kat Stickler reveals the details behind her divorce and NDA with ex husband Mike Stickler.

Kat Stickler reveals the details behind her divorce and NDA with her ex-husband, Mike Stickler. (Photo: Kat Stickler/Instagram)

Later, further details about their relationship surfaced. And Kat was the first one to reveal and address this major detail.

After launching her YouTube channel in January 2022, Kat posted a Q&A video on January 13. In the video, she addressed many personal questions, one of which was about her divorce and why she does not talk about it that much.

At the start of the video, after making it seem like she would finally answer the question about why she and her ex-husband divorced, she revealed she could not talk about her divorce.

Kat said she had signed an NDA with Mike for the benefit of her daughter. However, in the clip, she said she would tell everything she considered important information.

Mike, too, talked about the NDA on February 9 on his Instagram. He explained why his marriage with Kat did not work in his post.

"We got married young, we had a baby, we realized that we were not right for each other, the relationship became unhealthy," Mike told his followers on what looked to be a clip from a live stream.

Further, he said they had "decided it was best to part ways, simply put."

Regarding the NDA, Kat and his lawyers advised them to sign an NDA because of their social media presence.

According to him, it was no more dramatic than just a simple contract, and the relationship did not work.

Kat Stickler and her ex-husband were co-parenting their daughter together

After discussing the divorce and NDA, Kat answered a fan's question regarding her co-parenting experience with her ex-husband.

She talked about how the first night away from her daughter, she felt like someone had taken away her other half. Kat also had not gotten the hang of co-parenting yet.

"I've had my breakdown moments," said Kat as she admitted to still struggling with it. Her struggle was intensified because she had moved on from her ex-husband, and she did not want to romanticize anything regarding the experience.

She also highlighted how divorce did not always equate to freedom. But she admitted she would do what she had done, implying divorce, repeatedly because "it just wasn't the right situation for [her]."

Kat promised to speak on co-parenting when she understood it more.

Mike had similar things to say about co-parenting. He said it had gotten easier as time went on, but it was all about practice and getting used to it.

The best advice he could give anyone about it was to make the situation about their children. "It's about MK; it's about my kid," he said in another video on Instagram.

As for now, both of them seem to have moved on with their lives. Kat has decided to keep her ex-husband's last name, reasoning that her daughter also has it.  

Kat on single motherhood

Although Kat and Mike decided to co-parent their daughter together, Kat had to take care of most of the MK's responsibilities. Mk and Kat live together.

Talking about single motherhood to Yahoo in September 2021, she said,  "I was like, there's no way I can do this. But you can do it; when push comes to shove, you show up. It's awesome. And I can count on myself; I've learned that too." She also said she was getting adequate help from her mother, friends, and neighbors. 

What happened to Kat Stickler's ex-husband Mike?

Mike used to share updates of his life, including making music, drumming, and time shared with his daughter on his Instagram and TikTok, in which he has 65.9k and 93.7k followers, respectively, as of writing.

However, he has not shared a single post since September 2022, which has led many to worry about his life. His last post on Instagram is dated September 2022.

The post showcases a short video of him and his new girlfriend spending time with his daughter MK.

It seems as if he has decided to completely leave social media and focus on his life as he wanted and conveyed in the divorce video alongside Kat. In addition, he had constantly been getting hate comments on the posts he featured his new partner. Many criticized him for living a quality life with his ex-wife's money he received as alimony. Perhaps, these comments played a role in his getting out of social media. 

One fan commented in a picture he snapped with his new girlfriend, "Ah yes, a vacation paid for by your ex wife's alimony. Classy dude." 

What does Mike Stickler do for a living?

Previously, he had announced that he was up to control of their joint Youtube channel, which now seems offline. He also launched a podcast titled Take A Lap, which ran till 2021. However, the podcast also seems inactive since 2022.

Who is Mike Stickler's new girlfriend?

In November 2021, Mike posted a picture of his new girlfriend, Tia Alannah Borso, for the first time on Instagram. In one of his posts featuring his partner later, he wrote, "Life is good,man." 

In the latter of his posts, Mike was seen spending quality time with his daughter MK and the new love interest.

Who is Kat Stickler dating now? 

Kat Stickler is currently single and healing in her life. Her recent ex-boyfriend's name is Cam Winter, who is an engineer. The former pair has been separated from her for a while now. They broke up mutually after they realized that Kat needed time to heal from the divorce she had with Micheal.

Previously, rumors had been spreading that the pair's relationship was in trouble after Kat and Winter's sister unfollowed each other on Instagram.

The former pair had made their relationship public on December 18, 2021.