Many TikTokers skyrocketed to fame during the pandemic lockdown after users flocked to the social media site to kill their boredom. 

One such couple that rose to stardom was Kat and Mike Stickler, an adorable married couple with a beautiful baby girl.

The couple had dated for only three months when they got married on May 3, 2019, and by November, they welcomed their daughter. 

Audiences consumed their funny content and were drawn to their personal lives and relationships, which the couple posted from the “Mike and Kat” account. 

By the time the lockdowns ended, they had millions of followers.

Unfortunately, by March 2021, they confirmed their divorce asked their fans for privacy as they dealt with the separation offline. 

Kat is now a single mother who manages their old joint account with almost nine million followers. 

The account has been renamed “Kat Sticker,” which led many fans to wonder why she still kept her ex-husband’s last name. 

Kat was born Kat Caveda but later changed it to Kat Stickler after marrying Mike, but even after the divorce, she has not changed her surname. 

Kat Stickler on Not Changing Her Last Name

On March 8, 2022, the TikTok star did a Q&A session on her Instagram, and one issue she addressed was her last name. 

Kat noted that she kept the last name because of her daughter.  

“When I take her to the doctor, when I take to the dentist or when I take her anywhere, I want people to know that’s my kid.”

She added she didn’t have the same last name as her parents growing up, and she did not like that. 

Fans were also asking her about her relationship with Cam Winter and if she was okay. 

Kat Stickler addresses her last name issue

Kat Stickler addresses her last name issue during Q&A (Source: Kat Stickler/Instagram)

On March 4, the TikToker had uploaded a video of her bawling her eyes as she explained why she was distressed. 

She noted she had gotten a lot of hate comments over her relationship by users on social media.

“There’s a societal stigma of these gender standards like I’m a woman and I start dating again I’m a slut. A man starts dating ‘good for him.’”

She concluded the video by asking people to be mindful of what they were saying because they did not know what she was going through and how it affected her. 

Kat Stickler Keeping Her Relationship Private

In the aftermath of the hateful comments and the TikTok video, it appears Kat is keeping her relationship private. 

During the Q&A session mentioned above, a user had asked her if she was still with Winter. 

She shared she was keeping their relationship private for now and was only addressing the issue because she had gotten a lot of questions about it. 

Kat did not explicitly state if she was still with Winter, but she had not deleted their previous TikTok videos. 

The TikTok star often posted about her man, but her most recent video with him was almost two weeks ago, which is probably why fans were asking about their relationship.

The video was titled “What my boyfriend does when I’m feeling down.”

Kat’s boyfriend is seen trying everything to make her happy, from making her laugh to singing with her.