Michael Stickler, who popularly goes by Mike, will now be actively vlogging on YouTube.

Earlier this weekend, the former TikTok star and ex husband of social media influencer Kat Stickler took to Instagram stories to post the update, implying his new vlogs will be dropping every week.

The stories featured screenshots of the upcoming vlog where he and his new girlfriend, Tia Alannah Borso, set up a new room for his daughter MK.

Mike shares MK — born on November 15, 2019 — with his ex-wife Kat.

Kat Stickler's Ex Husband Mike Returns to YouTube

Mike teased his followers about his return to YouTube in one of the Instagram stories, writing, "Full video will be up on YouTube."

"New vlogs coming weekly," he wrote in the picture while tagging his girlfriend and asking his followers to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

He also shared a sneak peek into his upcoming YouTube vlog by revealing that the vlog would be about setting up a new room for his daughter.

"MK's new room coming soon," he noted in another story.

In addition, he gave a shoutout to his girlfriend Tia, who is reportedly a registered nurse, by complimenting her skills as an interior designer. He wrote, "@tiaborso missed her calling as an interior designer."

A picture of Michael Stickler's daughter MK's new bedroom.

A picture of Michael Stickler's daughter MK's new bedroom. (Photo: Instagram)

He ended the series of stories by posting a picture of an adorable bed, prepared especially for the little bundle of joy. He even noted that the picture could be marked as a spoiler to his upcoming vlog.

Michael Stickler Previously Did Podcasts on the Channel

The YouTube channel that Mike requested his followers to subscribe to — and where he will be uploading new vlogs — is the same channel that he and his ex-wife Kat previously managed together when they were together.

The former couple often posted their TikTok videos and other content made for YouTube.

But after their split in March 2021, Mike took charge of the channel, and subsequently, in May, he renamed the channel to Take A Lap, which was also the name of his podcast that he briefly did together with his friends.

In the podcast, he and his team talked about life, mental health, and business, amongst other things.

But now, Mike seems to have plans to do vlogs full time; therefore, he has removed all the previous videos from the channel and again renamed the channel to Michael Stickler.

As of this writing, the YouTube channel has over 115,000 subscribers, with zero content and the description reading, "New Videos Coming Soon."

Kat Stickler Is Not Happy to Share MK with Ex Mike

While Mike and his present girlfriend Tia seems to be happy spending time with his daughter and doing things for the little one, Kat, on the other hand, is evidently struggling co-parenting MK with her ex husband.


A post shared by Kat (@katstickler)

In her recent TikTok video, posted in March 2022, she made a tearful confession that her divorce was taking a toll on her because she had never thought of separating or co-parenting the baby.

But now that they are separated and agreed to co-parent, she realized she felt lonely whenever her daughter was away with her dad. She even claimed that she was the sole provider for her daughter.