Kat Stickler and ex husband Mike Stickler went through what seemed like a relatively normal divorce. However, as time has passed, more details have come out regarding their split.

After the NDA revelation a while earlier, now, Kat has revealed that she had also been paying alimony to her ex husband.

With these details out, it seems like their divorce proceedings were not as uneventful as it was first thought to be.

Kat Stickler Reveals Alimony Details

TikTok is still THE place for Kat news. And while she posts some details about her life herself, other information can be found on her TikTok live streams.

On March 24, 2022, Kat went live on the platform and talked about many things, personal and otherwise. One of the things she mentioned was her alimony payment to Mike.

"People were very shocked with the alimony," she said, referring to her video on March 15.

On March 15, she uploaded a TikTok where she mentioned she had completed her alimony obligations.

Looking glamorous as always, Kat appeared to be dancing to 'HANDSOMER' (Remix) by Russ. A text overlay was the main attraction, though.

"When you just paid your last alimony check..," she wrote in the overlay. Next, she expressed she was glad she could now focus on herself and her daughter MK.

In the livestream, she talked about how she first assumed she would not have to pay anything. But, accepting the situation, she said, "It was just a part of it."

Further, she also mentioned that she would still be paying child support to her ex husband.

Details on Current Boyfriend and Taylor Winter

In the same livestream, Kat also talked about how and when she first met her current boyfriend, Cam Winter.

The TikTok sensation confessed that she and Cam had known each other before she was pregnant with MK. They both were single at the time.

They first met each other at a fishing tournament. He said hi, but that was it for the time.

"It just wasn't the right time," she added. It was a brief exchange.

When she asked him if he thought anything of it, he replied, "I thought you were beautiful." Kat blushed at the comment.

Later on, Cam also said that he wanted four kids, to which Kat quipped, "Yeah you do!"

The topic then jumped to how it was co-parenting MK with her ex husband. To this, she said that as long as she knew her daughter was safe when she was not with her, she was okay with it.

While she was sharing finer details of her life, she did not want to talk about her relationship with Cam's sister and her former best friend, Taylor Winter.

During another livestream, she refused to go into the topic. "Oh, it's a ling story," she said of the subject in a nosy, funny voice.

Then, she backtracked on it and said it was not that long a story, but the way she talked implied that she did not want to bring Taylor's topic up at the time. She was still laughing, though, and Cam could be heard giggling in the background, too.

Was There an Issue with Cheating between Kat Stickler and Mike Stickler?

On March 23, 2022, Kat put up a lip-sync video on her TikTok. She was singing along to Doja Cat's 'Ain't Sh*t.'

With the song being about cheating and a bad partner, people in the comment section of the video speculated that this could have been a shade on Mike.

The way she expressed herself when she sang the 'go get a f**king job' part of the lyrics made everyone suspect that was a not-so-subtle dig at her ex husband. Mike, of course, is making a comeback on YouTube.

Users were making claims that Mike had cheated on Kat during their relationship in the comment section of her first livestream. She reportedly found out about her extra-marital affair through the Ring app.