The feud between Ethan Klein and Ryan Kavanaugh has reached its extreme.

The drama, which started as a petty internet fight, has escalated to the level of getting Ethan and his wife, Hila Klein, banned from YouTube. 

Currently, there is a strike on The Kleins' channel which resulted in a ban for a week. As a result, they can't upload their most anticipated Christmas podcast. 

The beef initially started in April 2021 after Ethan watched a clip from Triller's Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren boxing match on Frenemies podcast.

Kavanaugh accused the H3 podcast host of pirating the clip and sued him. 

The lawsuit did not get through, and Kavanaugh sued Ethan again in May 2021, accusing him of defamation.

The latter was sued for the third time in December 2021, presumably with the help of Keemstar

Since the claims were filed against The Kleins, Ethan has accused Kavanaugh of going after him, his ads, and sponsors. 

Ethan Klein's Ban and Strike from YouTube 

On December 21, 2021, Ethan wrote a series of tweets explaining why they could not release their Christmas podcast.

He wrote they received a random strike on their channel. 

The strike was for a video they reacted to a year ago. The platform claimed that the video was "too dangerous to watch," but Ethan did not know which clip it was. 

As a result, a ban was placed on the channel. This prohibited him from uploading videos for a week.

YouTube's official Twitter account responded that they would look into it, but it was all in vain.


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They denied Ethan's appeal, which meant he could not upload for a week.

Frustrated by the decision, he said that the ban was because of an old video that was mass reported by "trolls."

After a few hours, Ethan got information about the video they had reacted to a year ago.

He noted the video was still available as "age-restricted" since 2014, with over 100,000 views.

He also urged YouTube to reconsider its decision since it harmed his business and community.

Moreover, Ethan pointed out that if he made a video complaining about the strike and was on the front page of Reddit, YouTube would reverse the ban. 

He wondered why he was put in such an uncomfortable position and said he did not have the energy to fight back.

While the H3 podcast host might be tired of fighting back, his crewmates, fans, and family have his back. 

Most of his crewmates and fans tweeted in his support and blamed Kavanaugh for it. His mother, Donna Klein, made a video on TikTok supporting her son. 

She asked her fans and followers to get on TikTok and Twitter to talk about how they feel regarding this situation. 

Is Ryan Kavanaugh behind the Strike?

Kavanaugh might be behind Ethan's ban from the video-sharing platform. This is because he has mentioned it time and again. 

However, it can be said for sure that he is behind the strike. 

Kavanaugh has gone after Ethan's sponsors and ads for the past few months. Similarly, he has also focused on how the H3 podcast host should be de-platformed from YouTube. 

Kavanaugh has previously targeted Ethan and his podcast. The latter revealed that Kavanaugh had blocked one of their podcast on the 22nd episode of Off The Rails.

They had talked about Kavanaugh and his dressing sense, which was not accepted by the latter. As a result, the podcast received a worldwide ban. 

Similarly, on December 17, 2021, Kavanaugh posted a clip from Trisha Paytas's video of her crying about her marriage and Ethan and Hila.

Kavanaugh tweeted the H3 podcast host was "inciting violence, hate, and threats." 

He claimed that people he knew were getting the same threat and hate as he was getting from Ethan. Kavanaugh also tagged Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitter to take action against Ethan. 

Moreover, he also urged his fans and followers to file a complaint against the H3 podcast host to the FBI.

He had also uploaded a couple of posts about Ethan on his Instagram, but they have been deleted.