It seems like Ryan Kavanaugh was not the only person behind the defamation lawsuits against Ethan Klein.

Daniel Keem, best known by his online alias Keemstar, has been exposed by Klein for helping Kavanaugh. 

The beef between Kavanaugh and Klein started in April 2021. It began after Klein used a clip from Jake Paul and Ben Askren's boxing match on his former podcast, Frenemies

The boxing match was a pay-per-view event organized by Triller, a company Kavanaugh has invested in.

His primary concern was that Klein pirated the clip and broadcasted it to his viewers, which eventually took the revenue from Triller. 

Similarly, he claimed that Klein's use of the snippet was against fair use, for which Klein should be banned from YouTube.

The first lawsuit for $100 million was filed on April 17, 2021, which got dismissed. 


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Kavanaugh sued Klein for the second time in May 2021 for $50 million, where he listed the reasons behind suing Klein.

He accused the H3 Podcast host of defamation and sending a hate mob towards him. 

Similarly, he has also alleged that Klein was behind tampering with his Wikipedia page and low ratings for Triller.

Recently, Kavanaugh filed a third lawsuit against Klein. 

However, a new name popped up in the lawsuit. It was none other than Klein's arch-nemesis, Keemstar. 

Is Keemstar Helping Ryan Kavanaugh?

On December 3, 2021, Klein posted a screenshot of the lawsuit, which implied that he was behind Keemstar's defamation. Additionally, the 19th paragraph mentioned the long feud between the two. 

It explained that Klein was banned from YouTube for a week for "posting content that 'degradingly sexualiz[ed]' the 20-year-old girlfriend" of Keemstar.

It also highlighted that Klein made jokes about Keemstar's genitalia on his podcast. 

This part of the lawsuit made Klein suspect Keemstar was working with Kavanaugh. In the past, Keemstar has spoken in support of banning Klein's channel from YouTube, and now, Kavanaugh intends to do the same. 

Klein pointed out that Keemstar being included in the lawsuit was "pretty compelling evidence" behind his involvement. 

On December 4, 2021, Klein uploaded a video on Twitter that exposed Keemstar for working with Kavanaugh.

In the video, Keemstar was on a discord call, talking about the lawsuits against Klein. 

The DramaAlert host said that he did not know that Klein was getting sued, but he was not behind it.


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He then said he had businesses with Kavanaugh, which would be public in about a month.

Keemstar defended himself, saying DramaAlert was not his sole income, and he had a lot of projects and businesses outside YouTube.

On December 6, 2021, Klein talked about the defamation lawsuit and Keemstar's involvement in the 19th episode of his H3TV podcast.

He discussed the discord call that Keemstar was on with his crewmates and said he believed Keemstar was fully involved in the lawsuit. 

Keemstar has denied his involvement, and Kavanaugh has not talked about this issue to date. 

Is the Vlog Squad Involved in This Lawsuit?

On December 6, 2021, an Instagram page, @spillsometeawme, speculated that Vlog Squad might be involved in this case. Klein, his wife Hila Klein, and Trisha Paytas exposed the sexual assault at the hands of a few members of the Vlog Squad. 

Members like David Dobrik, Jeff Wittek, and Durte Dom faced massive backlash following the expose. The user @spillsometeawme posted a picture listing all the female executives of Triller and noticed that Dobrik's manager's wife, Dina Sahim, was one of them. 

They alleged that Sahim and Vlog Squad might also be involved in the case due to the previous animosity between the parties.

However, this is mere speculation, and nothing has been proved yet.