2021 has been a very messy year for David Dobrik and his Vlog Squad.

From a life-threatening accident of Jeff Wittek by the hands of Dobrik to accusations of sexual assault and rape against Dominykas Zeglatias, aka Durte Dom, Vlog Squad has made the headlines throughout the year. 

Unfortunately, this has not stopped. Casandra Ramos, Dobrik's ex-assistant, has a lot to say about her former boss and the infamous squad. 

Following all the controversies, she has been vocal about her experiences while working for Dobrik and how she was treated back then. With the help of Instagram stories, she has been exposing Dobrik, Vlog Squad, and Dobrik's assistant, Natalie Noel

This had been going on for almost two months, but suddenly, Ramos stopped talking about them. She said that she had been planning on releasing a video to expose the Vlog Squad but had not done it yet. 

People were curious about it, so they asked her via Q/A on Instagram stories. Ramos replied to one of them and exposed that she received a cease and desist letter from a member of the Vlog Squad. 


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She did not reveal who the member was but said she was "navigating how to handle the situation." Here is how everything went down. 

Things Leading Up To Casandra Ramos' Video 

It all started when a girl with the pseudonym Hannah spoke with Business Insider in March 2021 about the sexual assault she faced at the hands of Durte Dom. Hannah and her friends were given alcohol by Vlog Squad, and they were intoxicated.

While Hannah did not consent to have a physical relationship with Durte Dom, she felt the pressure not to say "no." To make matters worse, Dobrik filmed Hannah and her friends with the members of his squad for a YouTube video. 

According to her, after Durte Dom took her and her friend, Audrey, to a room, Dobrik and other members opened the door continuously to film them. Eventually, Durte Dom locked the door to keep them out. 

Hannah could not remember getting intimate with him and later realized she had been sexually assaulted and raped by him. After the article, Dobrik released two apology videos, saying sorry to Hannah, her friends, and his community. 

Durte Dom uploaded a video in April 2021 saying he wanted to be held accountable for his actions but did not correctly apologize to his victims. He said the relationship between him and Hannah was consensual. 

 However, he finally spoke up properly on September 25, 2021, during an interview with Ramos. He confirmed Hannah had texted him and asked to take the video down. 

While Durte Dom promised Hannah to do that, Ramos revealed Dobrik did not want to take it down. Ramos also claimed that she reached out to a lawyer who asked them to take the video down. 

After the video was released, Ramos started exposing the Vlog Squad via Instagram Stories. She said she had stories about the sexual assault and unpaid wages from the Vlog Squad. 


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She also claimed that following the incident with Hannah and her friends, Ramos went to the police. Since Durte Dom released his apology video, Ramos has hinted that she would speak up about Dobrik soon. 

She hinted Dobrik planned on marrying Noel to get a visa to stay in the USA. Similarly, she also exposed Noel for calling the victims of Durte Dom "wh****" and being insensitive to the situation. 

Ramos exposed Noel while answering a question which asked if the latter was "fake in real life like she is on camera." Ramos responded to the question with a screenshot of the text messages between her and Noel. 


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In the texts, Noel called the girls "whores" and said, "No good girl agrees to hu with Dom." She faced a lot of backlash for it but did not respond to them. 

Among many allegations Ramos made, she hinted that Dobrik's team might pay her to be silent. Someone has given her a cease and desist letter, so she might take a while to release the video to expose her former boss and his friends. 

While she is not sued yet and has not received a lawsuit, she might not release anything anytime soon.