With TikTok’s tendency to fast-track trends, many come as fast as they dive into irrelevancy. And when they do, they take a certain notoriety with it. The current 'Milk Crate Challenge' is no different.

The gag involves a pyramid of stacked flimsy plastic milk crates, and the challenger has to scale it step by step. Unfortunately, because of the malleable nature of these crates, people often take a tumble. 

When they do, the videos end in hilarity. However, the aftermath is the skyrocketing cases of fatal ER visits. 

As the trend saw its rise to infamy on TikTok, the platform banned it after numerous doctors deemed it dangerous. That, of course, has not stopped people from participating in it.

And among the many clout chasers, Jeff Wittek has been spotted doing the challenge as a member of the Vlog Squad, regardless of having suffered a critical head injury.

Jeff Wittek, A Reckless Daredevil

The Vlog Squad had made a reputation for themselves for being a pack of happy-go-lucky youths who post their shenanigans on YouTube. But, unfortunately, those light-hearted moments have quickly devolved into attention-seeking stunts of high risk. 

Led by David Dobrik, the content-creating group had recently come into hot water for their exploitative behavior among their members. Many were also quick to point out the cult leader-like patterns of Dobrik.

One of the persons to voice their retaliation was Wittek. Earlier this year, he was announced to have severely injured his eye and skull while doing a stunt in April.

The act involved swinging from an excavator over a lake. The machinery was hazardously operated by Dobrik.

Now, many would think that the daredevil days for Wittek would have been over following the incident. However, a snippet of him attempting the Milk Crate Challenge has recently surfaced on YouTube from a small reposting channel. 

The video in question has little over a thousand views and showcases Wittek successfully ascending and descending the milk crates. A voice behind the camera has been speculated to be Dobrik’s. 

Perhaps some people never learn. This was the sentiment shared by Ethan Klein, a pioneering YouTuber and popular podcaster. 

Ethan Klein Calls Out Jeff Wittek

Klein is known to be an observant personality of contemporary pop culture. In the past, he has also been unabashedly critical of the Vlog Squad and the conduct of its members.

In his H3 Podcast’s Twitch stream, he tagged Wittek as an "adrenaline junkie" who can’t seem to get enough. This comment also came from a genuine place of concern.

Klien had pointed out that the vlogger had suffered a traumatic brain injury and should not be doing such things. He also couldn’t understand how Dobrik could allow such behavior.

The podcaster also revealed that every time he mentions Wittek anywhere, he receives threatening messages from him. Furthermore, he candidly commented that he talks about everyone critically but has to hold himself back when talking about the vlogger.

This is because he fears Wittek's unstable personality. That being said, this new beef between the two does not come as a surprise.

The two have been at each other’s neck ever since Klein called out Wittek for allegedly threatening Trisha Paytas after the dissolution of the Frenemies podcast.