After a troublesome childhood and failed marriages, producer Stephen Belafonte's woes did not seem to end as there were not only failed marriages but also bitter accusations against him by his ex-wife.

Stephen Belafonte is a widely known producer and director. He is popularly known for his films which include Thank You For Smoking(2005), The Mutant Chronicles(2008) and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans(2009). Stephen has also produced the TV series I Pity The Fool. He started his career by setting up a film company called Remag right after he completed his graduation.

Bad Lieutenant: Stephen Belafonte produced the popular crime drama starring Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes (Published on 15 October 2009)

We have brought you a fascinating set of wikis, revealing about his parents, ethnicity, troubled upbringing, his traumatic married life, and his net worth.

1. Stephen Belafonte's Bio: Irresponsible Parents And Troublesome Childhood 

Stephen Belafonte born on 18 May 1975 in Hollywood, California was not always Belafonte. His real name is Stephen Stansbury. However, nobody knows why he chose to change his surname. 

Stephen grew up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey with an unpleasant childhood. He was born to mother Sheryl with six siblings. His mother was on welfare, and the father visited the house very rarely. The neighbors even believe that Stephen took steroids at some point in his life after a significant change in his body from slim to fit.

According to the wiki, Stephen graduated from Loyola Marymount University and moved to California to begin his journey in the film industry.

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2. Stephen Bofante's Career As Producer Earned Him Massive Net Worth

The producing mogul started his career in Hollywood with minor jobs in various shows like Access Hollywood. His first major job was as a director of 2003 documentary Straight from the Project: Rappers That Live the Lyrics - Brownsville, Brooklyn. His first film venture was as an associate producer of crime drama, Never Die Alone, and comedy-drama Thank You For Smoking.

Since then, Stephen has produced and co-produced a number of movies (Mutant Chronicles, Bad Lieutenant, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Sisters), documentaries (Prison Ball) and television shows(I Pity the Fool, Singing Office). He has also produced a few episodes of his ex-wife's reality show, Mel B: It's a Scary World.

As of 2018, Stephen's net worth from all his venture is estimated to be around $1 Million.

3. Allegations By Ex-Wife Melanie, Girlfriend?

Stephen Belafonte, who has a Caucasian ethnicity, has been married and divorced twice. His first wife was Nancy Carmell with whom he married in 1997 and later parted ways on 1999. He did not have any kids with her.

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Stephen has a daughter with ex-girlfriend Nicole Contreras born in 2004.

His second marriage was with popular singer Melanie Brown on 6 June 2007. The couple was parents to a daughter Madison on 1 September 2011. Although the pair had a smooth start, things quickly turned dark for them.

Stephen was accused of physically assaulting wife Melanie after her mother Andrea went on a rant on Twitter about their abusive marriage. The couple eventually separated in December 2016. Melanie filed a divorce from Stephan in March 2017.

It was reported that he was physically abusive towards her and even had an affair with their nanny making her pregnant. She asked for joint legal custody of their daughter Madison. Stephan was also blocked from all of the joint accounts, and the lengthy divorce battle was settled for 6.5 Million Euros.

4. Stephen's Massive Networth After Divorce Settlement

Talking about Stephen’s net worth, most of it is from his producing career and divorce settlement with ex-wife Melanie. It is reported that Melanie is paying her ex-husband a massive of 3 million euros over three years and will also give him 3.5 million euros from the sale of the home they share together.

The pair after selling the property will divide the profits equally according to the court.

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5. Stephen Has Found New Girlfriend After Divorce

As the divorce case with his Mel B unfolded, Stephen seems to have found another woman to feel a little respite. While the rumors of a new girlfriend were going around for almost a year, Stephen was actually spotted with a brunette woman coming out of Sunset Marquis Hotel, this November.

New Girlfriend: Stephen Belafonte with his new girlfriend Jessica Rich and confirms their relationship in March 2018. (Photo:

The woman was assumed to be Stephen's rumored girlfriend, Jessica Rich.

With the end of his ten years long married life, the life did not seem to be going well for Stephen Belafonte, but now with the advent of the new girlfriend, it may take a different direction.