American physician Jennifer Ashton was indulged in long-term married life, but all of a sudden, she parted her ways with her partner. Moreover, she faced a tragic blow just months after her divorce from her husband.

The California native is a physician and television personality, who mostly appears as the chief health and medical correspondent for the ABC Network's shows Good Morning America and ABC News.

Good Morning America: Jennifer Ashton talks about Kate Spade's suicide, her own tragedy, and the impact of suicide on the survivors (published on 6 June 2018)

Stay until the end to know about her past married life, her tragic flaw in detail and get to know if she's dating anyone now!

Born To Medical Family; Education

On 23 April 1969, Jeniffer was born as Jennifer Leed Garfein to the cardiologist father, Oscar Garfein, and a nurse mother Dorothy Garfein.

Deriving her passion in medicine from her family, Jennifer got her education from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where she also served as the Class President for four consecutive years and graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 2000.

Later, she continued her education of Master degree in Nutrition and even received her MD from Columbia University and became a board-certified Ob-Gyn.

Jennifer Ashton Career: Television Personality, Author

In March 2006, Jennifer was signed by Fox News Channel as their first female medical contributor. As of now, she is hired as the Chief Health Correspondent for ABC News and Good Morning America. Moreover, she is a columnist for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Besides that, Dr. Ashton’s is well recognized as an award-winning author. Her notable book The Body Scoop for Girls was released in January 2010. Moreover, she is also an author of several books like 'Your Body Beautiful and 'Eat This Not That When You’re Expecting.'

Her involvement in all these sectors has awarded her the fame she deserves, but that's not all! Her career has awarded her with splendid financial stability as well, which is evident through her net worth that dwells over $8 million. 

Jennifer Ashton's Tragic Married Life: Husband Died After Divorce

Jennifer Ashton tied a knot with a thoracic and cardiac surgeon, Robert Ashton in 1996. Jennifer and Robert share two children; a son named Alex, and a daughter named Chloe from their marital relationship. 

Nevertheless, after staying together for more than 21 years of their interracial conjugal bond, the couple were divorced back in January 2017.

However, parting ways wasn't the big issue; the big problem aroused when Jennifer's ex-husband Robert committed suicide after two weeks of their divorce. The 52 years old surgeon committed suicide by jumping from the George Washington Bridge on February 11, 2017.

Expressing her condolence towards her ex-husband after the suicide, Jennifer affirmed in a griefing way that her, as well as two children's, hearts, are broken and further added Robert was helpful and will be remembered as a warm, generous, and kind person.

Husband's Death: Jennifer expresses her heartfelt condolence to her ex-husband, Robert through an Instagram post in February 2017 (Photo: Jennifer Ashton's Instagram)

Jeniffer stayed optimistic, at least outwardly, and opined that her ex-husband death should serve as a wake-up call to anyone with a loved one suffering from depression.

Recently Jennifer revealed more about the death, or rather about the aftermath of the during a talk about Kate Spade's suicide in Good Morning America.

She talked about what she and her two children had to go through in the immediate aftermath of the suicide of her ex-husband and how they coped later on; they had to attend the therapy sessions to get over the trauma of survival.

Although the incident occurred almost a year ago, it seems Jennifer is yet to move on, as she remains out of the dating zone and is not in a relationship with anyone.

As strong a woman as Jennifer is, she had to go through the rough times, times when she was weak and struggling, but she definitely came out stronger.

And now, she is working on to help other people face what she had faced, with perhaps a slightly less pain than she felt.