The world discovered that Diane Alexander had ambitions reaching higher than clouds when she petitioned for the alimony of $20 million from her ex-husband Lionel Richie. With much of the sum justified, an annual plastic surgery budget of $20,000 was as weird a demand as it goes in the history of celebrity divorces.

The 50-year-old American fashion designer is the ex-wife of legendary musician Lionel Richie and the mother of model and actress Sofia Richie. The socialite, who rose to prominence as the better half of Lionel, has had quite a married life as revealed by sets of wikis on her!

1. Diane Alexander Bio: Story Starts After Her Affair With Lionel Richie, Children

Not much is known of Diane's bio before her relationship with Lionel. Her recognition, and thus her life story, began with her meeting Lionel in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, where Lionel was performing.

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After the meeting, Diane and Lionel embarked on a hush-hush affair while Richie was still married to his long-term wife Brenda Harvey. Heavens how long that would have gone on had Brenda not found the couple in a very intimate situation in Beverly Hills hotel.

Embarrassing Lionel (if he had not been already embarrassed by his affair) Brenda, a strong woman as she is with an acute sense of justice, beat her husband physically.

Lionel later divorced with Brenda in 1993 and married Diane two years later.

2. Diane Alexander Shocks Ex-Husband Lionel Richie With Humongous Alimony Demands

The ambitious fashion designer and her rich singer husband started a luxuriant lifestyle after the marriage, leading people to speculate that it was the prime reason for Diane being with Richie.

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However, for whatever reasons Diane married—and later divorced—Lionel, she did remain by his side loyally for eight years, and everyone knows how difficult it is to be with a music artist.

Last Pose With Ex-Husband: Diane Alexander and Lionel Richie were seen together during before divorce (photo:

In addition to that, Diane gave him two beautiful children, a son Miles Brockman and daughter Sofia Richie, who have since gone on to become popular icons like their father.

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When the relationship faltered and they were about to be divorced in 2004, Diane did turn ambitious, demanding the alimony of $20 million: $15,000 monthly allowances and $20,000 annual budget for plastic surgery, as per the wiki. Diane reasons for the extreme demands was substantiated by the fact that the couple had lived a lavish lifestyle leading up to the divorce and she wished to continue living like that.

The sum must have shocked Lionel to his core--so far as to question all the eight years of his marriage with Diane—and maybe even the birth of his children. We hope the latter didn’t happen.

3. Diane Alexander's Net Worth

Diana does what she does best. She is a fashion designer by profession. And her primary source of income has been her profession. The fashion-designer might not be filthy rich by herself, but her ex-husband Lionel Richie has amassed the unbelievable net-worth of $200 million (according to the wiki).

Being married to the renowned artist had a fruitful aspect for Diana. During her marriage with Lionel, she was a part of his $200 million. And after they got divorced. the huge payout that she received surely made her a wealthy woman. Moreover, her daughter Sophie, who is a model, is also a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $3 million.

4. Who is Diane Alexander's New Boyfriend: Is She Engaged?

It seems that Diana has moved on from her past relationship and is now enjoying a happy engaged life with an unnamed man who timely features on her Instagram post. The name of the person has not yet been disclosed by Diana but her posts show that she likes to refer to this mystery man as "beefcake". Her life outside of her relationship with Lionel Richie is unknown but it seems she is not doing too bad for herself. 

New Boyfriend Is Commander: Diane Alxender in a boat-ride with her new fiance "Beefcake" on 23 April 2017 (photo: Diane's Instagram)

Diane reportedly got engaged with her “beefcake” sometime in 2016. The news broke out when she posted a picture of her engagement ring on her Instagram with a caption that read " He nailed it". Seems she is ready to begin the next chapter of her life.

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With her marrying again, Diane looks to be making very good uses of the money she is getting from ex-husband's vault. Her ex-husband, Lionel, however, might not think not so.