Marty Meierotto is an American trapper, and reality television star renowned for being the original cast member of the History Channel's reality show Mountain Men. His fans and the show's audiences also referred to him as a lifesaver because he was always seen helping someone from becoming an ice pop.

Over the years, with the rise in his popularity, people's curiosity to explore his personal life has also gone higher. But it seems like the Mountain Men star prefers to keep his life private.

Marty Has a Brother Named Stitch Meierotto

Marty was born on 1966 in Alaska, America. Growing up there, he was fascinated with the idea of living off the grid from an early age.

The reality star also has a brother named Stitch Meierotto, who lives in a house next to Marty.

Stitch professionally builds planes, installing the thinnest Plexiglas windows to pass the inspection. He also uses a handheld and battery-powered radio in the plane. And while working, the only source of heat onboard is the windshield defroster.

But since Marty is more of a private person, he has not revealed details about his family, parents, and early life.

His Wife Dominique and Daughter Noah Are His Biggest Supporters

Marty is a happily married man. He is married to his wife Dominique Meierotto — and together, they are parents to a daughter named Noah Jane Meierotto.

Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique Meierotto and daughter Noah Jane Meierotto

Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique Meierotto and daughter Noah Jane Meierotto. (Photo: Facebook)

The Mountain Men star, along with his wife and daughter, lives in the small town of Two Rivers, Alaska.

Interestingly, Marty, who had always aspired to live off the grid full time, put his lifelong dream of his on hold to be with his wife and daughter.

Dominique and Noah, on their part, are very encouraging of his passion and works in a trapline in the northern Alaska forests.

The two have also appeared alongside Marty in several episodes of Mountain Men between 2012 and 2019.

Marty Left 'Mountain Men' in 2019

Mountain Men depicts the lives of extreme survivors who choose to live off the grid and embrace the wilderness. The original cast members include Tom Oar, Eustace Conway, along with Marty.

However, Marty decided to quit the show in 2019 after appearing in 103 episodes in 8 seasons.

The news was a hard pill to swallow because the same year, another original member, Tom, also announced his retirement from the show.

Marty explained his situation during an episode of the show, stating that he no longer wanted the cameras to follow him in the bush. He wanted to spend one-on-one time with daughter Noah and take her help with the trapline.

I thought a lot about it and that’s the decision I made. It’s gonna be the best for her and family time and all that.

He further said that he was glad to tell his stories, let the cameras be around him, and help people understand his life for eight years.

But at the same time, he felt that he must move towards a new chapter of his life and not think of making money or doing the same job. 

"If you’re laying on your deathbed, you’re not going to be thinking about how much money you made or some job you had," he said. "You’re going to be thinking about what you’ve done with your life."

The same year, Marty also retired from his 31-year-long service with the BLM Alaska Fire Service as a hotshot, smokejumper, and pilot.

He flew his last mission on June 30, and in the end, he was greeted by friends and family.

TV Appearances Helped Marty Earn Respectable Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Marty has an estimated net worth of $150 thousand.

The major source of his earning, before leaving the show, was the salary that he received from the show. He also earned a decent amount working for BLM Alaska Fire Service.

With his earnings, Marty supports his off-the-grid lifestyle and owns a house, which he often shows off on his Instagram.