American naturalist Eustace Conway spent years in the wilderness honing his survival skills. Did he do it on his own? Or Did he have a partner to accompany him? Did his wife, if he ever had one, help him navigate through his journey?

Before achieving worldwide fame as the prominent face in History Channel’s show titled Mountain Men, the 56-year-old South Carolina native had gained traction for being a subject of various books, documentaries, and even a radio show.

Disaster Strikes:- Eustace and a friend watch their fully loaded van slid off of the mountaintop in an episode of Mountain Men which was aired in 2017(Published on  15 September 2017)

The show Mountain Men, a reality series about people choosing to live in the mountains away from the modern technologies is in its seventh season airing on 19 July 2018.

Eustace Conway’s Bio: Family & Age

Eustace Conway was born on 15 September 1961 in Columbia, South Carolina and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and English from Appalachian State University. He came from a long line of family members who dedicated their lives to teaching. His grandfather, Chief Johnson is often considered one of the fathers of American camping.

The Mountain Men star’s mother, Karen Conway possessed a Master’s degree in education and was a lover of nature, having grown in remote Sequoyah. However, it was his father, Dr. Eustace Conway, who instilled the love for hiking in him. At age just four, his father - a chemical engineering professor - took him to a canoe trip.

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When the famed naturalist turned 17 years of age, he left for the woods - leaving his parents and three siblings namely Judson, Walton, and Martha behind - so he could live in a Tipi.

Today, Eustace, age 56, resides in Turtle Island Preserve -- a 1000-acre wildlife preserve and an environmental center founded in 1987 by the Eustace family where people visit to get closer to nature. Besides acting as the recreational center, Turtle Island also houses an educational programme aimed at teaching its guests with necessary wilderness survival skills.

How Much Net Worth Does Eustace Conway possess?

In addition to welcoming guests to his reserve, Eustace also makes money off of harvesting firewood using ancient techniques. However, it is widely believed that his net worth has seen a steep growth after being cast as a leading face by History Channel for the show Mountain Men.

Before History Channel decided to develop a series based on Eustace’s daily excursions, he had achieved notoriety for claiming to have set the world record for crossing the United States on horseback in 103 days. The detractors of his claim argued that it wasn’t he but Temple and Bud Abernathy who hold the world record for crossing the United States, having done so in mere 62 days.

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Regardless, his cross-country journey garnered enough attention that NPR decided to chronicle it in an exclusive radio special titled This American Life, which was hosted by Sarah Vowell and Ira Glass.

More recognition would soon follow as he became the major source of inspiration behind the book titled The Last American Man by Elizabeth Gilbert. Similarly, he was the subject of interest behind the 2003 Jack Bibbo documentary Full Circle: A Life Story of Eustace Conway.

To this day, Eustace has featured in all seasons including 87 episodes of History Channel’s Mountain Men.

His exploits on TV and an occasional speaking gigs as a lecturer haven’t gone unnoticed as he’s reported to command a respectable $200 thousand in net worth.

Is Eustace Married With Wife? Or Does He Have Partner?

The 56-year-old famed naturalist isn’t even married with a wife, let alone has a partner he can rely on for the rest of his life. His friend, Peterson Roberts, who occasionally appears on Mountain Men is the closest thing he has for a partner.

Life In A Book: The cover of Elizabeth Gilbert's 2002 book The Last American Man based on Eustace Conway's life (Photo:- Google Books)

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It’s not like Eustace has never had a desire to get married. He told Elizabeth Gilbert, the wordsmith behind The Last American Man, of a mysterious folksinger who he held dearly and wanted her to be his wife:

I wanted to ask her to marry me the day that we met. But I didn't want to scare her off.

Upon her questioning about the enigmatic folk singer, she recounts her subject resorting to malice with the words:

She was perfect in every way. Except that she’ll lie and cheat on a man.

Reading between these words, one can’t help but wonder if his time in the wilderness might have helped shape such stern(sexist) views on women.

As Elizabeth's title suggests; A true American man, indeed!