If you are a fan of wildlife shows, chances are you have come across Jeremy Wade diving into deep waters to investigate marine life and catch underwater monsters.

The Mysteries of the Deep host has dedicated over a decade to unravel the underwater mysteries. But while he does so, he keeps part of his life, mostly personal, away from the limelight. Here's what you should know!

Success Didn't Come Easy for Wade

Born on March 23, 1956, in Ipswich, England, Wade has undergone trials career-wise. For half his life, he wandered around with uncertainty regarding his career choice. 

The TV presenter had a passion for catching fishes from a young age. His parents, including a hardworking minister father, supported his hobby and let him wander around the banks of Suffolk's Stour river.


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Amused by nature, Wade graduated in Zoology from The Bristol University. He became a teacher after his graduation, fulfilling his dream of teaching. But the job neither brought him joy as expected nor financial aid.

As a result, he left teaching and went on to find a new career path. He even worked for an advertising agency for a brief moment. 

Finally, he lined up his childhood passion with education and started making reports of marine lives, traveling to various places, and earning attention. But by the time his career became stable, he had lost both his parents.

How He Got into Television Industry

Wade started his career by reporting on aquatic animals. He worked as a newspaper reporter and served at construction sites, farms, and cafes to fund his travels. 

In 1982, his career took a u-turn when he visited India. Traveling at a budget of about $250, he managed to stay in the country for about three months, hunting fishes in the great Ganges river.

On his return to England, he published papers about his fishing experience in India. The documents, read by millions, earned him grants from various funding agencies, which helped him continue his angling experience in newer exotic locations.


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In 2002, he worked on a TV project but faced a slump right after that.  Then he went back to India in 2008 and continued his research. That year, he made a program for Animal Planet's River Monsters, supposed to be a single program. 

But as soon as the show aired, the show became a hit and catapulted Wade to stardom. 

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'River Monsters' Enriched His Net Worth

Wade became a fan-favorite with his show, River Monsters. It would be fair to say that the program provided serious padding to his bottom line.

Since the show aired, he has been busy hosting television series like Expedition Unknown, Jeremy Wade's Mighty Rivers, and Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters. In 2020, he hosted Mysteries of the Deep.

The salary from ongoing projects has indeed enriched his net worth, which is $2 million per Celebrity Net Worth. 

Is Jeremy Wade Married?

Wade is possibly unmarried. That is because the 65-year-old has never, in his decade-long career, shared anything about having a wife or girlfriend. A self-proclaimed introvert, Wade's social media are also void of anything related to his love life. 


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To top it off, Wade has confessed to living alone in his house in Southern UK.

In an interview with Kara Mayer Robinson in May 2021, he shed light on his personal life, stating that he lived alone in his house. Wade also shared that he went to his brother's house to meet his family when bored.