FOX News’ Carley Shimkus has been with the FOX Network since 2008. First starting as an intern, she joined the network as a permanent employee in 2012 for FOX Business Network.

Since then, Shimkus has been engaged in social media trends and entertainment news reporting over the years. At present, she appears on FOX Nation Happy Hour, FOX News, FOX & Friends, and Mediabuzz.

As she has become more versed with journalism, anchoring, and appearing on TV in general, considerably her income and net worth have increased as well.

Carley Shimkus Started At FOX Even Before Her College Graduation

Carley Shimkus went to Quinnipiac University, where she studied broadcast journalism. But, she was already gaining workplace experience even when she was studying for her degree.

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In 2008, during her final year of college, she joined FOX Network’s D.C. bureau in 2008 as an intern and worked there until graduation.

In 2009, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism. She had such good experience working at FOX that she applied for a position at the network right after her graduation.

Shimkus Climbed Up The Ladder Pretty Quickly At FOX

The position that she applied for after her graduation, according to Heavy, was for a news producer at FOX Business Network (FBN). This was in and around 2009 or 2010.

After two years of working in that position, she was promoted to be an associate producer for the show Imus in the Morning on that same network.

After a while with FBN, she was asked to work with the FOX News Channel (FNC). And she has been with the news network for a long time now.

Shimkus is now a 24/7 Headline reporter for the FOX News Channel. According to her bio on the FOX News site, she “offers reports on various social media trends and entertainment news across the networks programming”.

In this role, she has appeared on programs such as FOX & Friends, FOX & Friends First, Mediabuzz, FOX Nation Happy Hour, FOX News, and FOX News Update on Facebook.

Shimkus Has Covered Many Interesting Stories During Her Time With FOX News

In February 2019, she, alongside seven of her network colleagues, discussed the launch of McDonald’s McCafe Donut Sticks. In the coverage, all of them ate the newly debuted food on air.

Shimkus also interviewed doctor Janette Nesheiwat on January 27, 2020, when it was early days in the US, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic about the disease and how the conditions were back then.

Being a sports fan, she has also been involved in sports coverage in the past. On 24 July, she posted two pictures on her Instagram where she was seen covering the baseball game between Yankees and Nationals from outside Citi Field in New York City.

How Much Does The Reporter Make Then? 

Considering her loyalty to the FOX Network, her talent, and her work on the network and involvements in the coverage of many interesting headlines over the years, it could be assumed that Carley Shimkus is paid handsomely at FOX News. However, the problem with this is that neither the reporter nor the network has revealed anything about her actual FOX News salary.

But, that doesn’t mean other sources on the internet cannot be taken from. 

Payscale, an online job & financial information site, claims that an entertainment reporter at FOX News Network, which is what Shimkus’s position is, makes around $33 thousand to $119 thousand on average per year.

Another site, Glassdoor, reports that, on average, an entertainment reporter at FOX is paid about $54 thousand per year, with the maximum reaching up-to $71 thousand a year. However, this data was last updated in June 2019.

Similarly, the same site claims that a news reporter at FOX earns around $80 thousand on average per annum.

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