At one point American PR executive Maureen McPhilmy must have sat down on her bed dejected and thought, how was she ever going to get rid of the phantom of the failed marriage that kept haunting her and obstructing her new life. When was her vindictive ex-husband going to stop and let her rest in peace?

The world came to know the New York native as the wife of ex-Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, and even more because of the prolonged, complicated court battles against Bill following their divorce.

With Ex-husband: Maureen McPhilmy and her ex-husband Bill O'Reilly, who she was married to for 10 years before separation (photo:

It has been almost 8 years since her separation from Bill and there are still legal and personal battles going on with him. Moreover, her bio is littered with incidents of her ex-husband trying to defame her and even her new partner.

Maureen McPhilmy's Wiki-Like Bio (Age)

On 11 May 1966, Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy was born in Chittenango, New York to a relatively poor family. Her mother, who worked as a gardener, and father, who worked in the local market, divorced when she was only five years of age.

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Maureen, who went on to graduate from St. Peter’s School, was always a faithful Catholic, someone who actually believed in God.

Career As PR Executive Earned Her Huge Net Worth And Husband

Soon after her graduation from college and before starting to work in the field of public relations, Maureen worked as a waitress in a restaurant. Throughout her career, Maureen has worked as the PR executive for many companies, primarily responsible for public view of the individuals, companies, products, and services.

Her PR jobs, with small companies and large ones, earned her a mouth-watering net worth, the exact sum of which is unknown but is believed by wikis to be in millions.

It was during her work as the PR executive for A Current Affair, a television newsmagazine program in Fox News, that Maureen met her future husband, Bill O’Reilly.

How Ex-Husband Became Maureen's Lifelong Headache?

After courting her for a few years, Bill finally married Maureen in 1996 in a lavish wedding in Westbury, the UK in the midst of 100s of guests. The couple had two children together, Madeline (aged 20) and Spencer (aged 15).

But neither the two children nor the Catholic upbringing could save Maureen's marriage with Bill. As the story goes, Bill, in a fit of rage, physically attacked Maureen and went on to drag her down the stairs.

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Maureen couldn't remain in the marriage after that no matter how much of a Catholic she was. Thus started one of the most infamous after-marriage battles in American history.

Long Custody Battle Ends With Children Chose To Stay With Maureen

The aforementioned custody battle between Maureen and Bill ran for years and underwent many complications. Five years after the divorce, the court finally decided to grant the residential custody to Maureen on the grounds that the children preferred to live with their mother than their father.

A decision that was not surprising as the children had first had witnessed Bill’s abusive nature.

With Children: Maureen and her two children, a son and a daughter, whose residential custody she won after years of battle (Photo:

However, Bill does have visitation rights and joint legal custody over both of the children.

Second Marriage, Ex-Husband On Crusade Against Her

After her divorce from Bill, Maureen married Jeffrey Gross, a Nassau County Police Department (NCPD) detective, who she had started dating around the time she was fighting divorce battles with Bill.

Bill, however, wasn’t happy with the union as he suspected the two were involved in an affair from before the divorce. Consequently, he started a very personal crusade against Maureen, trying to get her banned from the Catholic Church. According to the wikis, when that attempt turned futile, he used his connection in the police department to start an internal affairs investigation against Jeffrey.

We are yet to see how that fares out.

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With Bill hell-bent on gaining his vengeance, there doesn't seem to be any respite for Maureen. However, with the right people by her side, i.e. her new husband and two children, she should be able to face any challenges that greet her.

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