When the world did not believe her, American actress Vanessa Ferlito stepped up and proved that she could be successful both as an actress and a loving and a caring single mother.

The New York City native is famous as an NYPD detective Aiden Burn in CBS's police procedural, Crime Scene Investigation: New York (CSI: NY) and recently in NCIS: New Orleans as FBI Agent Tammy Gregorio.


NCIS: New Orleans: Watch Vanessa Ferlito as an FBI Agent investigating the New Orleans NCIS team in the third season of the show (Published 6 May 2017)

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Vanessa Ferlito's biography reads like a typical Hollywood movie script, where the hero/heroine initially finds it difficult balancing her home and work but eventually succeeds in both with great colors.

Vanessa Ferlito's Biography: Age, Height, Measurements

On 28 December 1977, Vanessa Ferlito was born in Brooklyn, New York City to a family of Italian origin. A tragedy struck Vanessa's life early on when her father died of a drug overdose when she was only two years of age. She grew up with her mother and grandmother in Brooklyn, until her mother remarried.

One of the most curvacious in the TV industry, Vanessa stands at the height of 5 feet 6 inches with figure measurements of 36-25-36 and weighs 126 lbs.

Vanessa Ferlito Earned Massive Net Worth Playing Detectives

Starting her career at an early age of 23 with a small role on The Sopranos, Vanessa went on to establish herself as the actress the TV industry turned to when needed a cast for a strong woman of law.

She has portrayed an FBI agent, Charlie Demarco, in Graceland, detective Aiden Burn in CSI: NY, FBI Special Agent Tammy Gregorio in NCIS: New Orleans.

Although Vanessa isn't as successful with her ventures in the movies as she is with those in TV shows, her silver screen presence did add to her mouth-watering net worth. Some of her relatively known movies are Man of the House, Death Proof, Spider-Man 2, etc.

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The exact figures of Vanessa's net worth remain undisclosed as of yet but she is sure to have a figure in the range of thousands. It could possibly also be more but it is all just speculations until revealed by Vaness herself.

Gay On-Screen; Has He Dated Men In Real Life As Well?

Unlike her stellar professional on-screen life, her love life has eluded her fans for a long time. Little is known about Vanessa’s love life, the fact which has given rise to the rumors about her being gay. Interestingly, Vanessa played an openly gay character with great finesse in CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans which added more fuel to the rumors.

To play a queer character with such grace and insight, Vanessa must also be gay in real life. That is what fans and media were gushing about for a while. Vanessa herself has never openly addressed any rumors linked to her. But she did not fall behind in quickly dismissing the rumors not through addressing them but through romance and relationships.

Around late 2014, Vanessa was rumored to be dating American director Quentin Tarantino, with whom she worked with on the movie Death Proof. Apparently, the couple were seen together for a dinner date in New York and later seen sharing a rather intimate kiss.

This swiped away all the gay rumors that were hovering around her.

Shoulder to Shoulder: Vanessa Ferlito and Quentin Tarantino walk with arms around each other after an intimate dinner in the New York neighborhood (photo: dailymail.co.uk)

The couple might have dated for a while there, but it doesn't seem like the relationship took off as we have heard nothing more on that.

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Vanessa Ferlito Balances Time Between Work And Her Son

In September of 2007, Vanessa gave birth to a son, Vince. In between her jam-packed work schedule and sporadic dating life, she has found time to raise her son as a single mother.

People have been concerned about how healthy it is for a child to be in a constant move as Vanessa's work takes her all around the United States. But at 12 years of age, we don't see Vince to be affected in any way; he remains a sweet little boy, close to his mother.

Vanessa doesn't shy away from giving parenthood advice to the people. After all, as a mother who raised a kid alone, while balancing the hectic work, she has defied all the stereotypes and has become some sort of expert in parenting. She is entitled to spread some of her wisdom.