Someone who loves entertaining more than anything in the world, Brock Chiarelli is an American actor most popularly known for his flamboyantly gay character in the series The Middle (2009), which finished its final season in 2018.  

Winner of Best Performance in a TV Series from the Young Artist Association three years in a row, he is also known for his starring roles in the TV series Valet (2016) and short comedy Home Entertainment (2018).

Valet: Brock Ciarlelli starring as Brock in the series Valet (Photo: picatme)

He recently also completed a one-man Broadway show called Fully Committed, in which he played 35+ characters.

Brock Ciarlelli Bio: Meet His Greatest Cheerleaders

The Colorado native was born in 1993 and celebrates his birthday every year on July 12. He grew up in a family of four, including his father, mother Priscilla, and brother. He has gone on record to claim that they were his greatest cheerleaders.

Growing up, he discovered his passion for performing arts and was actively engaged in the community theatres, where he learned to act, dance, and sing.

Although he was an artist by passion and profession, he graduated with a major in mathematics from Chapman University.

While on the subject of his bio, Ciarlelli stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m).

Brock Ciarlelli Started His On-Screen Career In 'The Middle'

He was still a high school student when he went from theatres to film in 2009. This transition happened after he got the role of Brad Bottig in The Middle. He starred as the lead character, Sue’s ex-boyfriend, and later a best friend who discovers that he is gay. After this, he appeared in some TV shows, movies, and a Broadway show.

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Even after making it big with his role in The Middle, he is still the same down-to-earth and humble guy he’d always been. He believes that sharpening one's skills is an ongoing process. So he still takes two acting classes every week.

Not only that, but he also takes his mom’s wise words to heart and takes a weekly tap dances class despite his busy schedule.

His mother's words: "The more interests you have, the more interesting of a person you are."

Who Is Brock Ciarelli’s Boyfriend? Is He Gay?

Playing the role of a gay guy in a popular series sure does give rise to speculations about the actor’s sexuality.

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It was similar for Ciarelli as well. In The Middle, he was paired with his on-screen gay partner Corbin Bleu who stars as Luke, a handsome drummer. His character gathered the courage to ask Luke out. Eventually, Luke becomes his boyfriend, and the two end up deeply in love.

On-Screen Gay Partner: Brock Ciarelli as Brad poses alongside his on-screen boyfriend Corbin Bleu as Luke (Photo: IMDB)

Despite his lauded gay character, the actor has not come out as gay in real life. But then again, the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence, and hence the gay rumors spread on. 

Is Brock Ciarelli Dating Someone?

Surprisingly little is known about Ciarelli's love life. A funny and witty guy, he has only shed some light on the topic of love through his posts on Instagram. Still, it's hard to tell if they're just light-hearted jokes or posts made in sincerity. 

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In 2012, he posted two pictures with a girl named Hannah in February captioned, "cookie from my Valentine," and with a girl named Soni in September, captioned "my lover." 

Likewise, in 2014 he also shared a post stating: "I’m dating Mindy Kaling." It's pretty obvious that this one was a joke considering their vast age difference, and Kaling already has a baby with another man now.

Besides these posts, Ciarelli’s love life is a mystery waiting to unfold.

Update: Brock Ciarelli Has a Boyfriend

As many had speculated for so long, Ciarelli finally came out as gay. 

Recently, the actor has been flaunting his love for his adorable boyfriend, Kameron Tarlow, on his Instagram, and so is his boyfriend. 

On August 9, 2021, Ciarelli posted a slideshow of pictures featuring the couple looking dapper in gray suits, albeit, the caption read, "Silly in suits." 

In one of these snaps, the couple could be seen losing themselves in one another's embrace whilst landing a loving kiss.

A picture truly does speak a thousand words!