Atticus Shaffer's whole life had been a challenge to being able to walk. However, he is not just walking now; he is flying in the upper echelons of select few actors. 

The 20-year-old actor is loved by many for his portrayal of Brick Ishmael Heck, an introverted child with Asperger's symptoms in the ABC family sitcom The Middle. Apart from The Middle, he has lent his voice to many animation movies and series, most notably the 2012 dark comedy, Frankenweenie.

Atticus Shaffer with on-screen parents Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn in a still from The Middle (Photo:

Atticus's TV career began after appearing in a guest role in the CBS series The Class in 2007 at the mere age of 7. After bit-part roles in various series till 2009, he landed the role of Brick in The Middle, a role which he reprised for nine years before its conclusion in 2018. During that period he was also part of numerous other series, especially in guest roles. 

Similarly, his big-screen career was running side by side and shared screen space with established names such s Will Smith and Charlize Theron. In 2010, he was awarded the Diversity Award for Actor with a Physical or Emotional Disability for The Middle

Starting his career as an actor, he has also found fame as a voiceover artist and was nominated for the Voice Acting in a Feature Production at the 2013 Annie Awards for Frankenweenie. He has been very popular in his avatar as a voiceover artist, and as of now provides his voice for three animation series.

The American national was born on 19 June 1998 at Santa Clarita to parents Ron and Debbie. He was born with a congenital condition, type four osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bones. The situation meant that his bones would not usually form and as a result, he would have a stunted height. The worse part of the disease would be an inability to walk; which was what the doctors had told his family. 

The actor opened up about his illness in April 2015 that he was grateful for his mother who refused to entertain the fact that her son could not walk and raised him up as a normal kid. As a result, he grew up to a height of 4 feet and 8 inches and can still walk. 

The actor also spoke of his pride in having represented differently abled people and claimed that his onscreen character was a role model to him along with other millions of viewer. The actor revealed in 2015, that his representation of Asperger suffering victim in the series The Middle, resonated in a right way with millions of others and he used to receive letters thanking him for inspiring differently abled people. 

Apart from his family, the Lion Guard star credits the almighty for being able to achieve what he has achieved to date. The devout Christian spoke to CBS news in May 2018, after the conclusion of The Middle and said that he had turned to god at the age of 15. Being born with a painful condition meant that he required regular surgeries and had to go through a lot of pain which is when he resorted towards god. And turning to god not only made him relieve his pain and suffering, but it also made his compassionate and empathic. 

And the strict upbringing of his mother, allied with his family's support and his faith in God seems to have worked the magic as he is now a highly successful actor.  

Acting Career Accelerates Net Worth

With the actor excelling in his role of actor, his net worth has also received a significant boost. Starting as a 7-year-old in a modest family with average income, the actor's paycheck also received a substantial increase with the ever-increasing popularity of his on-screen character Brick. 

When he was roped in for the role, he was signed off in a salary of $12,000 per episode. As the series progressed from one season to another, Atticus' salary also rose. Added to his income from other series and movie appearances, he boasts a net worth of $4 million. And the figure is on the rise as the actor dabbles from one project to another. 

On his way to becoming a millionaire, he has also turned out to be a role model for thousands other who are being impeded by their physicality. As of now, the actor has not only exorcized his demons but he also stands at a taller height than other adults with a similar defect.

Now, After The Middle, Atticus Has Started Another TV Show

The Middle was Atticus's main venture for nine years, and whatever else he did was only a side-venture as he appeared in only cameos of one-time guest appearances. However, after The Middle concluded in 2018, Atticus has laid his hand in another comedy, Netflix's animated original, Harvey Street Kids, in which he voices, Melvin, one of the main characters of the show.

The show is loosely based on various children's comics of Harvey Comics, mainly Little Audrey, Little Dot, and Little Lotta. The series follows a band of friends in Harvey Street as they go through numerous afternoon adventures and enjoy their beautiful lives there.

The series premiered in Netflix on 29 June 2018 and went for thirteen episodes (twenty-six segments). The first series ended with a cliffhanger, signaling that there probably is the second season in line, but the new season is yet to be announced.