American actor Charlie McDermott was spotted alongside a celebrity girlfriend once. But since then, he got married to a New Zealand actress with whom he has a baby as well--or so it seems!

The West Chester, Pensylvania-native is an actor who is known for his portrayal of Axl Heck on the ABC’s comedy series, The Middle. He is also well recognized for his appearances on other hit series such as The Office and Private Practice.

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Charlie was a nominee for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Male for the film, Frozen River in 2009 as well as for a Young Artist Award for the series The Middle in 2011.

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Charlie McDermott's Short Bio: Age, Height, Ethnicity, Trivia

Charlie was born on 6 April 1990, to parents, Barbara (Reilly) and Charlie McDermott, as Charles Joseph McDermott Jr. 

Charlie, age 28, possesses Irish ethnicity and stands tall with the height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7m). He has two sisters named Grace and Erin.

He graduated from PA Leadership Charter School (PALCS). Before that, he attended high school at Salesianum in Willmington, Delaware for a brief time.

At the age of 16, McDermott moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for acting.

Trivia: He's often confused for a New Zealand actor who goes by the same name, Charlie McDermott.

What is Charlie McDermott's Net Worth?

From his career as an actor, McDermott enjoys the net worth of $2 million.

Aside from his most prominent performance on the TV show, The Middle, he has bagged several significant roles in movies as well; he starred as Wild Bill in Action-Drama movie, Disappearances (2006), T.J Eddy in Crime film, Frozen River (2008), and a minor role in Sci-FI Comedy movie, Hot Tub Time Machine (2010).

In 2015, he wrote, starred and directed the comedy movie, ImagiGARY.

What Are Gay Panic Jokes? Explained!

In a well-written article by Joel Keller, he asked several writers from favorite shows as to why most series stopped writing “gay panic” jokes.

To those who are wondering what 'gay panic' joke means, he asked the writers to define what a “gay panic” joke or storyline is. That included co-showrunner, DeAnn Helin, of series, The Middle.

She explained that when a viewer watches an older TV show or movie and hear a 'gay panic' joke, it makes them almost jump out of their seat as they're caught by surprise. She further added,

It hits your ear and makes you cringe, especially when it’s a beloved show. And it’s remarkable how shows from not that long ago were still doing that kind of storyline.

Unfortunately, these jokes are going extinct as of now. These kinds of jokes do not seem to be a matter of discussion and the conversations in the writers' room, he wrote.

Alluding to illustration, Heline told about a past episode on The Middle where Axl (Charlie McDermott) found out that his first kiss as a kid had been accidental with his buddy Sean (Beau Wirick). She said,

We liked the story because it was just funny that two good friends found this out much later in life and it was embarrassing, etc. But as we were breaking it, we did discuss many times if it was “gay panic” storyline. Certainly none of us wanted that. We worked really hard to make sure we weren’t falling into those old stereotypes. But we still did almost pull the storyline because we just didn’t want it to be misinterpreted in any way.

As gay communities are getting great support, most writers are trying to avoid getting into controversy by making a silly gay joke. With that said, when they do make a gay joke, the gay characters they write are more authentic and relatable--which in my opinion isn't a bad thing!

McDermott Says Goodbye To ‘The Middle’

Most series don’t make over five seasons, let alone six. It was a massive accomplishment for Charlie and all the cast as well as the crew of the show when it reached its ninth and final season.

In between the final season (9) of the show, The Middle, on 12 November 2017, Charlie spoke with Sioux City Journal, reminiscing about the show as well as saying goodbye to it. He stated,

In the beginning, I was really very, very self-conscious and insecure. Around season four or five, I just started to try to have fun. And that’s what it’s been – a lot of fun.

Expressing his gratefulness to his co-star, who became his friends in the span of the show, he said goodbye to the show. And the show ended on 22 May 2018

What’s Happened to Charlie McDermott & Girlfriend, Shelby Young?

Charlie is like Batman regarding his dating life. He keeps it hidden in the dark. But the dark knight rose back in November 2009 when he emerged for the premiere of the movie, Twilight: New Moon, with American actress, Shelby Young.

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Reports started to appear that the pair had been dating each other for a long time.

Charlie McDermott and his girlfriend Shelby Young flaunt the stage on premiere of Twilight Sequel on 16 November 2009 (Photo:

And it seemed quite viable that Charlie’s girlfriend might actually be Shelby. Otherwise, why would someone who loves to live life in the low, show up all of a sudden with a beautiful girl for a premiere of the show?

He probably wanted to keep his girlfriend away from the limelight but couldn’t resist to flaunt her off. However, neither talked about whether they were a boyfriend-girlfriend duo or not.

Yet it was ironic that reports again emerged confirming that they had split sometime after they were reported as a couple.

The stories that Charlie had been married to someone else had probably something to do with the rumors mills to stop focusing on Shelby-Charlie shipping!

Is Charlie McDermott Married To Wife & Actress Beth Allen?

Charlie McDermott is married to New Zealand actor, Beth Allen. They got married in February 2011. Not just that, he has a daughter named Sidney Jollen, who was born in 2016. That is according to Beth Allen's wiki site. 

With that being said, that particular Charlie McDermott is a New Zealand actor, not our Charlie who portrays Axl Heck.

So as mentioned above, since his 'split' with the girlfriend, Shelby, he hasn't been rumored with anyone else.

On top of that, because of the misunderstanding concerning Beth, who is considered to be his wife, he's assumed to be married. 

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Whether he is married or dating, it remains unknown and unverified until it comes from his mouth.

Is Charlie McDermott Gay?

Barring Charlie's relationship with former girlfriend, Shelby, and uncertain information about him being married to Beth Allen, his dating page suddenly goes blank. Because of this, it has created a curious conundrum about his affairs but most importantly his persona.

McDermott's uber-private persona has created speculations that he might be gay. However, it's only rumors generated by the rumor mills and his mysterious dating profile.

In the end, maybe he has a wife or girlfriend but doesn't want to make them public information. With that said, it's more likely, however, that he is single though!