Hollywood heartthrob Josh Henderson has a long dating history with numerous women at the various point of time. The actor, however, seems to have learned from his past experiences and has revealed a set of qualities he wants in his girlfriend. 

Josh Henderson was a part of E's hit series, The Arrangement, which concluded its second season on 13 May 2018. The star has also been a part of acclaimed series Dallas and Desperate Housewives. 

The Arrangement: Josh Henderson plays Hollywood actor Kyle West in the E!'s drama thriller The Arrangement (Published on 15 February 2018)

He also played minor roles in the hit movies like The Girl Next Door and Step Up.

Josh Henderson Bio (Age)

The actor was born on 25 October 1981 at Dallas, Texas to Sharon Lea Henderson and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As a child, Josh was born with a condition called 'heterochromia,' which rendered one of his eye green and another blue and also left one of the eyes almost blind.

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Attending Memorial High School in Tulsa, Josh actively participated in the sports, especially baseball, despite his condition with the eyes.

Josh Henderson's Successful Career

The Tulsa Memorial high school graduate began his career in the showbiz as a singer competing in the 2001 reality show Popstars. A finalist of the show,  Josh pursued a carer in modeling and acting after Popstars and appeared in a guest appearance in various TV series.

After his big-screen break in the 2003 horror movie Leeches, Josh was cast in a leading role in 2006 horror flick Finger Prints and April Fools Day (2008). Similarly, he was also a part of TV sensation Desperate Housewives from 2006-08.

After bit part roles and numerous unsold pilots, Josh was roped in for a lead role in series Dallas. His character in the series was widely praised with many claiming him to be the breakout star from the series. What's more, his chemistry with his on-screen girlfriend Julie Gonzalo also garnered positive reviews.

After the series, he has been a part of E's hit, The Arrangement and has earned rave reviews for his acting skills and chemistry with Christine Evangelista, his girlfriend in the series. The show follows the relationship between an up and coming actress and an already established actor as it cruises through high tides and lows.

Although the show was moderately successful, it was canceled after the second season.

Josh Henderson Has Long Dating List, Who Is His Current Girlfriend?

Rather than proving a limitation, heterochromia has enhanced his attractiveness. His macho physique along with his natural blue and green eyes has made him a firm fan favorite, especially among females.

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And that charm has been reflected in his dating history as he has been linked with numerous 'who's who' of the industry. 

The long list of girlfriends includes Ashlee Simpson, Kaley Cuoco, Andrea Boehlke, Ashley Greene, and Taylor Cole. Despite having numerous affairs, the hunk has not yet married and there is no wife to show.

The long list of failed relations even had gay rumors swirling around the handsome actor. However, the hunk is straight despite gay gossips and was looking for a perfect partner.

Girlfriend Qualities Make Heartthrob Hard Catch

Speaking to Eonline in February 2017 Josh revealed that he was single. What's more, he also announced he was ready to mingle despite many failed relationships. 

The actor, however, revealed that dating him came with a perk as he announced the qualities he searched in his girlfriend. A sense of humor came on top of the list of the qualities along with being a spontaneous person with a good heart. 

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Moreover, the actor disclosed that he gets attracted towards the one with a good heart and a pure soul who loves to help others.

Josh Henderson Seems To Have Found Perfect Girlfriend He Was Looking For

For Josh, it t looks like his wait for the perfect girlfriend is finally over. Recently the actor was spotted with Romanian-American actress Oana Gregory in The Creux Automatiq Affair, where, apparently, the couple was inseparable. By the looks of their level of intimacy, it looks like Oana is the girlfriend of Josh's dreams.

Perfect Girlfriend: Josh and girlfriend attend The Creux Automatiq Affair together (photo: eonline.com)

However, after the program, there has been no news of the couple. And it remains hidden when or where the couple met, or what is the status of their relationship, whether it is casual or if Oana is going to be Josh's wife or not.

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Considering the damage the rumor mill can do to people's relationships, the decreation in understandable, but at this point, it does look like Oana checks all of the qualities in Josh's list.