The year 2016 seems to be a hapless moment in the personal front of the American movie director, Dean Fleischer-Camp as his four years of married life came to an end on that year.

The Massachusetts native is best known for the 2010 short comedy film, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which was the mega-hit of that time. He made a conceptual documentary film Fraud in 2016. He is also known as the ex-husband of an American comedian, Jenny Slate.

Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp on ‘Marcel the Shell’ and How Art Can Change Your Life in November 2014 (Photo:

Dean's movie, "Marcel the Shell with Shoes On" was nominated for the Short Filmmaking Award at Sundance in 2011.

Know About Dean's Remarkable Career!

Dean began his career as an editor of the short film Steven in 2008. After the success of the movie, he moved to another project and co-edited Science Fair (Or: Migratory Patterns & the Flight of the March Brown Mayfly) in 2009.

His remarkable contribution in his career was a YouTube series, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, released in 2010. Dean collaborated with his then-girlfriend, Jenny Slate for making the movie.

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Later in 2016, he came to YouTube again to make a new documentary, Fraud. The video was pared down to 52 minutes, and shaped into a narrative form that displayed the story of today’s vicious consumer culture.

Dean's movie, Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, was regarded as the Best Short Film at the American Film Institute Festival in Hollywood in 2011. 

Dean's Married Life Offered Him Companion

Talking about his marital life, Dean was married to Jenny Slate,36, in September 2012. Jenny is a stand-up comedian, voice actress, and author, best known for her role as Mona Lisa Saperstein on a satire sitcom, Parks, and Recreation. Through her career, She has accumulated a net worth of $5 Million. 

Not only husband and wife, but they were also a companion in the journey of their career.

Dean and Jenny collaborated in making several short movies and even wrote a book together named Marcel the Shell with Shoes On. 

Low Key Life After Divorce With Jenny Slate  

In 2016, just before their fourth marriage anniversary, the couple made a decision to part their ways, stating that they had grown apart. They announced their separation in May 2016. 

As the reasons stayed behind the curtains, some sources openly claimed that the reason for Dean and Jenny's separation was her growing affection towards actor Chris Evans, Captain America Star.

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Moreover, it was reported that while Jenny and Chris were filming for the 2017 movie Gifted, the cast and crew members quickly noticed the off-chemistry between the two actors. Adding to that, an insider even revealed that Dean's frequent visit in the movie set made her unenthusiastic and angered.

However, it was reported that the couple grew apart but did not go through a "bad breakup" mentioning that the actor had no role in the pair's divorce.

Love Only In Memories: Dean with his then-wife Jenny in 2014 (Photo:

But eventually, after the divorce, Jenny started dating Captain America star, Chris Evans just after their divorce. However, the duo ended their relationship in February 2017.

After his separation from Jenny, Dean, on the other hand, has kept his dating status inside his hat. Moreover, he has not been spotted getting cozy with his new possible partner.

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Adding to that, Dean is seen rarely attending social events which makes it even harder for fans to get along his personal life. 

As it seems, Dean probably must be actively dedicated to building his budding career and working on upcoming projects. 

While many assume Dean is finding it hard to move away from the heartbreak, Dean finds a perfect answer to them as he enjoys showing his funny side to fans through his endless tweets in his official Twitter.

So, as of 2018, he is reportedly single and enjoying life to the fullest.