Megan Rapinoe, a professional football player, didn't profess the ordinary 'coming out' stories like most gay women. What's more, she's even become one-of-less gay individuals who've had a unique taste of relationship; breaking a marriage to beginning a new love-life.

The California-native is not just known for her crafty style of play but also for her brave act while admitting that she was a lesbian. Megan is the member of the United States women’s national soccer team and a part of the team's 2012 London Olympics and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup winning campaign.

Talent: Megan Rapinoe scores a hattrick versus Sky Blue FC and helps her team Seattle win (Published on 22 July 2017)

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Megan has been inducted into the Shasta County Sports Hall of Fame, National Gay and Sports Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Power Of Sports; Megan Comes Out As Gay!

The star of the US Women’s National Team came out as a lesbian in an interview with Out Magazine (2012), before the Olympic campaign began.

She wanted her sexuality to be known publicly for the sake of her fans especially for the LGBT community who looked up to her.

Well, this act proved that the world of sports is not just a great platform that lets the players showcase their abilities but also inspire a large number of people in many different ways. 

Alongside her successful playing career, she has collected a substantial net worth of over $2 million. And when it comes to her salary, the sportswoman once filed an indictment against the USSF for pay discrimination as they were paid four times less than their compeers.

Unraveling Megan's Relationship Dating History; Cancelled Wedding Plans To Start New Relationship

It can be said that Megan Rapinoe is a true believer of love as she's been in a relationship not once but a couple of times.

The famous football player was previously dating an Australian Football Player, Sarah Walsh.

She had been together with her former girlfriend Sarah since 2009, and after about five years into the relationship, the duo split in 2013.

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Moving on from the heartbreak, she started going out with Sub Pop Recording artist, Sera Cahoone. And just after two years into their dating life, the pair got engaged.

She took it to her Instagram and shared the engagement news where she and her girlfriend to-be wife looked perfect kissing and holding each other in their arms flaunting the engagement ring.

Happily Engaged: Megan Rapinoe and Sara Cahoone reveal their engagement details (Photo: | Published on 7 August 2015)

Although she looked to get married to Sera soon, the wedding was put to hold in late 2016 as the news of her new girlfriend started flaunting all over the social media.

At Age 33, Megan's New Girlfriend Is Sue Bird

A new development in Megan's love story might surprise everyone as she has broken up her engagement with her then wife-to-be, Sarah.

As per the reports, Megan is in an affair with Sue Bird, American-Israeli baller.

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Moreover, their relationship was confirmed by their interview at Q13 FOX. 

Talking about the relationship, Sue discussed how meeting Megan Rapinoe in late 2016 helped her not only come out as a gay but also embrace a healthy relationship. 

Relationship Triumph: Megan and her new partner Sue speaks about their love-life (Published on 2 July 2018)

Well, as it seems, Megan's relationship has taken new terms and still hasn't stopped creating an uproar.