Matt Bennett, who is a famous actor and singer, chooses to remain silent when it comes to his personal life. Without any past relationship history, his love life is just like a closed book. But when it comes to supporting gay people and rights he flaunts his words and action all over social media.

American ventriloquist Matt Bennett has been in the silver screen for a long time now.  He is well known for portraying the role of Robbie Shapiro in the Nickelodeon sitcom Victorious (2010-2013). 


Poetry Zone: Matt releases his monologue/poem on cowardice on his self-proclaimed YouTube channel, Matt Bennett (Published on 5 June 2018)

Matt is also known for starring in the Will Ferrell produced film The Virginity Hit in 2010. He also had a small role in shows Grey's Anatomy (2018).

Matt Bennett's Bio: Age & Acting Career

Born on 13 November 1991, in New York City, Matt graduated from Massapequa High School in 2008. He also has a sister naming Ally Bennett. He wanted to become an inventor in his early childhood days, but by the time of graduation, he already has growing interests in acting.

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After appearing in numerous commercials, Bennett began his official acting career at the age of 18 as Jamie, in the 2009 TV movie Totally For Teens.

However, his television career sprouted after he appeared as Greg the Intern in the pilot episode of the Comedy Central sketch comedy series Micheal and Micheal have issues(2009).

Later he starred in the film The Virginity Hill released in October 2010.  Likewise, Bennett co-starred as Robbie Shapiro in the sitcom Victorious. He was also nominated for a 2011 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award (UK) in the category of "Nick UK's Funniest Person.”  

Matt Bennett Making it to Singing Platform

On 20 May 2012, he independently released his debut EP of songs that he wrote titled Warm Fuzzies. In March 2013, it was declared that Bennett would host a web series for the YouTube channel Nerdist.

Likewise, Bennett also featured in the popular YouTube video The Slap as one of the participants. And in 2015, Bennett guest-starred on Game Shakers in the episode "Tiny Pickles." After a year, he got a role on the show Fresh Off The Boat. 

He has also released a monologue naming Cowardice on his youtube channel on 5 June 2018.

Matt's parents had divorced when he was just 10. This affected him severely, and he expressed his pain through his songs on his debut album terminal cases. Due to the divorce, he found a family with his friends.

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And he is very close to his friends and shares a very close bond with them. One such instance is when he celebrated Thanksgiving 2014 with former Victorious co-stars Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies.

Matt Bennett's Mysterious Lovelife & Gay Rumors

Talking about his love life, Matt loves to keep things to himself. He has been private when it comes to his personal life. But still, there have been rumors about him dating his co-star of the hit sitcom Victorious for a long time now.

Former Victorious star Elizabeth Gillies, whose nickname is Liz Gillies, and Matt Bennett have been close to each other. His fans even suspected Liz to be his girlfriend. After working together on Nickelodeons sitcom Victorious, the duo has been unseparable.

While the two besties could have something between them, right now things seem nothing more than friends. They have the same friend circle and share the exact sense of humor.

With that, no concrete conclusion about Matt's love life can be brought. Since no statements are made by Matt himself; it creates a dilemma for all of us. 

A video released in April 2016 by WeareSBNN titled Matt Bennett is straight but not narrow showed Matt supporting gay people and every gender in general. He talked about accepting how you are and who you are. Since it was pride month, it was the perfect moment to shower the sweet gesture.

Matt and Lizgillz Dropping Album

Singer and actress, Elizabeth Gillies aka Lizgillz took to her Instagram to announce that she was releasing an album with Matt.

The two have been dropping hints on the mixed genre of blending disco, power pop, and Canterbury folk in their upcoming album, Love's Fascination

After dragging and delaying the release date, Elizabeth finally announced the possibility of the album dropping soon on her Instagram.

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The frequent mentioning of each other led fans wondering about their relationship too. Adding to that, Matt also posted a picture on Elizabeth's birthday and he keeps posting random pictures of the two.

Possible Girlfriend: Matt posts a picture with Elizabeth as the characters of their album, Sven, and Marianne on Instagram on 20 June 2018 (Photo: Matt's Instagram)

Many fans have been wondering in the comments if the two are dating. Though the two haven't mentioned anything regarding their relationship, it might be a possibility that they're together. 

The fact that Elizabeth dropped a subtle hint on Instagram about the release of their album made the fans in the comments go berserk expressing their excitement and support.