Jane Pauley was in her late twenties when she first met her would-be husband at a small dinner party of her friend, Tom Brokaw, and his wife Meredith. Little did she know at the time that a stranger named Garry Trudeau would become an important man in her life thereon.

But as their impromptu meet started their friendship, their relationship bettered and they married each other a few years later.

Her Husband Is a Cartoonist

Pauley's husband Garry Trudeau is a cartoonist, an artist behind the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoon "Doonesbury."

But it's safe to say his skills of illustrating weren't what impressed the CNN anchor at first. Pauley had never seen the Doonesbury until she met the Yale graduate — though it appeared in nearly 2,000 newspapers and also on the cover of Time magazine.

It was his humor that impressed her. And with mutual feelings, the duo tied the wedding knots on June 14, 1980.

Even after the wedding, humor remained a crucial part of their relationship as it united the shy Pauley and her party-loving husband. Also, that combination let them relish their marriage of over four decades with the bliss of parenthood and grandparenthood. 

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Balanced Career And Motherhood

Pauley juggled between her role as a working lady and a dedicated mother.

After three years of her wedding, the Indianapolis native gave birth to her twins: Richard Ross Trudeau and Rachel Trudeau on December 30, 1983.

Later in 1986, while working for the NBC talk show, Today, she gave birth to her third child, Thomas Moore Trudeau. To care for her child, she took a maternity leave of three months and returned continued her work after the duration.

The return to her job, however, had its toll; the CBS' Sunday Morning host felt guilty about leaving her young ones at home.

While talking about her situation during an interview with People on October 27, 1986, Pauley maintained how important her career was for her and also shed light on her love for her children. She wished that she never had to compromise her ambitions for her family. 

I think my children know that Mother’s priority is to be with them first. But I don’t think it has to be either/or situation.

And as said, despite all the adversities that could have surfaced, she remained strong and continued her career while balancing her motherhood.

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Her Children and Grandchildren

Pauley's children have all grown up and are leading their family. 

Her oldest son, Ross Trudeau, a director of digital media at Fishtank Learning, is in a long-term relationship with Jessie Bullock. 

Likewise, her daughter Rachel exchanged the wedding vows with Robert Gary Steinsdoerfer in November 2014. She has two kids: a son and a daughter with her husband. As a lawyer, she works at Liberty Mutual Insurance.

Pauley is also a grandmother to two other kids. Her youngest son who married Juliana Margaret Thorsten in June 2014 has two sons.

With her grown-up children and adorable grandchildren, Pauley relishes her marriage with Garry Trudeau at the age of 70 with her net worth that is estimated to be around $40 million.