American social and media star Victoria Waldrip was not just popular for exhibiting her lifestyle and meme-inspired pictures but also famous for flaunting her love life on her social media. The Insta star, however, brought a whole new level of rumours on her life after she disappeared from her social media accounts without any notice--which left fans wondering as to what happened to her!

Georgia native Victoria is an Instagram model who rose to media luminary through her lifestyle and meme-inspired pictures on her ‘imjwoahvicky’ Instagram account. She had garnered more than 2 million followers on her Insta. She was also popularly known as Woah Vicky and Icky Vicky on social media.

Vicky: How I Grew Up "My Life Story" WOAH VICKY DIARY (Published on Aug 11, 2018 )

On June 2018, Vicky deleted all of her old Instagram posts. Unfortunately for Vicky, the internet is a world of piracy, and almost all of her past Instagram posts from the past 12 months can be found elsewhere online.

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Victoria Waldrip's Short Bio: Age, Parents, Family 

An 18-year-old ‘Instagram sensation’ was born on 7 March 2000 in Georgia to parents Carl Johnson and Steve Waldrip.

Talking about her family members business, her father Steve is a successful real estate agent, who deals with building, restoring and renovating residential properties. As for her mother, her job has not been revealed yet.

Victoria attended John McEachern High School, but it is reported that she dropped out of school due to poor grades. However, she eventually earned her high school diploma from Penn Foster High School in 2018.

Victoria also has an older sister named Stephanie whom she doesn't have a close relationship with due to their age difference.

Woah Vicky, A Queen Of Controversy 

Victoria has stirred up lots of controversies at a very young age, and the most conflicting one is about her parent’s background.

She claimed that a DNA test revealed she was 25% black and belonged to African-American ethnicity even though she has a white complex. She also frequently posted pictures and videos online, speaking in an ‘urban accent,’ and recurrently using the N-word. Despite her claims, the police report lists her race as White.

Vicky faced a lot of backlashes from media and from her own fans when she started posting disturbing photos of her like holding guns and cash, even using the N-word, etc which resulted with her getting slammed for being a racist.

Reportedly, the teen-Instagram star was arrested on 28 February 2018, on trespassing and assaulting a police officer which did not go down well among her fans.

How Victoria Waldrip Became Famous!

At a very young age, she has already earned widespread popularity and underway to make impressive net worth in her life.

The maiden video that she posted under the name Woah Vicky was "The Lotion Challenge" in which she and her friend go through the challenge of eating a spoon of lotion. In her posts, she is mostly seen expressing her strong opinions on various subjects.

Woah Vicky also got a lot of attention because of her glamorous lifestyle and her photos of her outfits, bags, dresses, expensive accessories had become somewhat a trend among her fans and followers. 

She became an internet celebrity when the famous rapper Snoop Dogg shared one of her videos on his social media. Her popularity further increased, when other stars like Plies and Chief Keef shared some of her videos.

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As of now, her old Instagram page has been deleted by Victoria herself but at it's prime, she had a whopping 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Its popularity had shot Victoria's fame to the very top. On her account, she promoted products and has also offered herself available for paid appearances on which helped her garner a huge net worth. Despite having the exact figures under reviews, she comfortably could have a fortune in seven figures. 

She also owns a YouTube channel ‘Vicky’ with more than 473k subscribers where she posts makeup tutorials for black women, promotes products and also offers professional paid appearances.

There is no doubt that she is making a lot of wealth through the internet. She owns a couple of cars and home, and she also talks about buying a helicopter. She even posts pictures of her with loaded money.

Who is Victoria Waldrip Dating in 2019?

In the year 2018, Victoria was in a romantic relationship with a famous social media personality and timely shares pictures with him.

Victoria was in a quixotic relationship with the man, Lil Rot, who is also an Instagram star. She shared pictures with him on her Instagram and also made YouTube videos with him.

She seemed to be absolutely in love with this guy as she wrote very romantic captions for him like, ‘Baby When I die I wanna die with you,’ ‘I don’t wanna live if I can’t be with you’ and ‘We gonna have ten kids no capp’ on her Instagram.

On 3 May 2018, she even mentioned that they have bought their first helicopter together and also shared their picture alongside the helicopter.

You Are Mine: Victoria Waldrip with her boyfriend ‘Lil Rot’ in May 2018 (Photo: Victoria’s Instagram)

And one day, her boyfriend pranked her with a 'broke up' theme. But it went horribly wrong as Vicky got very emotional and caught up in tears.

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However, as of now, she hasn’t shared any picture with him since May 2018. Not just that, she has deleted all her posts on Instagram and with her wall now boasting just a few pics with the last post coming back on 28 July 2018. It seems that she has changed her lifestyle completely from what she previously was and is looking to start a new life as a changed person. Whether or not she is currently in a relationship with Lil Rot remains a mystery or whether she has found a new love is something that can only be answered by Vicky herself.

Reason Why Woah Vicky Left Instagram--"WOAH VICKY DIARY"

On 4 August 2018, after deleting all her prior creations, Victoria started posting again whereas her YouTube page remained active in the interim. She returned with a video on Youtube entitled, The Reason Why I Left Instagram "WOAH VICKY DIARY" where she explained the reason as to why she left Instagram.

She talked about learning from her mistakes, referring to her arrest in February 2018. She talked about loyalty, explaining in a Woah Vicky style that at the end of the day, no matter how bad you make a mistake, the people who love you will continue to unconditionally love you in spite of that.

She gracefully mentioned how she was ungrateful at one time but she claims to have learned to appreciate people more. 

She also revealed in the same video that she had been thinking about moving to Los Angeles but needs to stay in Atlanta for 'like two more months' because of the probation placed after her arrest.

Finally, she ended the video saying that she was planning to go to church and learn to love people, fearing that if she continued to be who she was, she might leave them forever. 

It seems like Woah, Vicky is dead and a new Vicky has been born; She deleted all her old posts which showed her flaunting her lavish lifestyle and only has a couple or more pictures of her. Her Youtube page has also been filtered by Vicky herself with her deleting most of her previous lavish nuances.