The path of life, despite the hardships, becomes easier when you have someone to share it with. Well, Geoff Tracy, a chef with multiple restaurants under him, surely understands that well as he too has support from his wife who he regards as his family.

Wondering what his lifestyle upholds? Keep reading and know it all!

Geoff Tracy Career In Chef Geoff's & His Net Worth

The restaurant Chef Geoff's has earned its name in the world of the food industry since the graduate of Culinary Institute of America, Geoff Tracy first opened it in 2000. Chef Geoff's Downtown had its opening two years later in 2002. 

However, Geoff did not stop adding numbers to the list of restaurants under his name. In 2006, he opened his third restaurant under the same name in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Later in 2008, Geoff opened Hank’s Tavern & Eats in Hyattsville Maryland. 

Adding to his chain of restaurants, Geoff had his opening ceremony of Chef Geoff’s Tysons Corner situated in Vienna in 2009 and Chef Geoff’s Rockville in 2012. Moreover, Geoff plans to add another five restaurants on his list by 2020.

Moreover, Geoff, who now ages 44, also published the New York Times Best Seller Baby Love, which is associated with feeding “Healthy, Easy, Delicious Meals for Your Baby and Toddler.” The book was published in collaboration with his wife Norah back in 2010.

Besides, Geoff also serves as vice chairman on the executive board of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and contributes to more than 150 charities. 

Geoff's Impressive Net Worth

Geoff credits his two decades of experience, endless hard work that landed him to the heights of success in the world of the food industries.

His success has awarded him not only fame but sound finance as well, which reflects in his net worth that dwells over $8million.

Geoff Tracy Biography & Personal life

Geoff Tracy, the owner of multiple restaurants, is a man with a family. Despite having numerous restaurants under his nose, Geoff has not fallen back in his married life which he shares with his wife Norah O'Donnell, who is an Irish-American television journalist.

Geoff tied the nuptial knot with his college sweetheart Norah back in June of 2001. As reported by The Washington Post, Geoff mentioned that he first saw Norah along with her roommate in a cafeteria line in college during his freshman year.

Norah opened up about the relationship that she shares with her husband, Geoff while talking with Married To A Chef. She expressed how she truly felt a part of the restaurant since the early days of Geoff's career.

Moreover, she even stated that the two painted the walls of his first restaurant together, as they both could not afford painters or contractors.

Talking about their relationship at present, Norah divulged how busy she used to be while she was building her career, but these days Geoff seems more occupied with his restaurants.    

Adding to it, she said that the relationship that they share together has helped them grow in best possible ways.

Adding a cherry on top to their blossoming relationship, the pair shares three children together. They share twins, who goes by name Grace and Henry born in May of 2007 and their youngest daughter Riley, who was born in July of 2008, a year after the twins.

Geoff Tracy's Recipe For Success & Future Endeavours 

Geoff Tracy is an ambitious person. Despite opening numerous restaurants in the US, Geoff plans to add more by 2020 to compete with the big franchises like Clyde's Restaurant Group.

Despite stiff competition, what separates Chef Geoff's from others is its mere simplicity from the menu; to prices and palates to values, nothing much has changed.

What surely has changed is the way of doing business and increasing competitiveness. Geoff finds satisfaction in not sophisticated designs but in simple and familiar things done with precise accuracy.

With two decades of hard work and experience, we can say that Geoff is a visionary and artist-like chef who will never stop until he creates his own legacy.