Zack Snyder first met his current wife, Deborah Snyder, in 1996. 

Deborah hired the powerhouse director to film a commercial for Reebok. Zack thought she was cute, but at the time, they were both with other people.

Zack was still married to his ex-wife Denise, while Deborah was seeing someone else. 

Six years later, Deborah hired Zack again to make a Soft & Dri commercial in New Zealand. During dinner, on their first night in Auckland, they learned that they were both single.

By the time they were finished with the two-week shoot, they had fallen in love. 

They called each other regularly traveled to each other’s home- hers in New York and his in Pasadena.

And when Zack started shooting Dawn of the Dead in Toronto in January 2003, Deborah flew out to meet him every weekend. 

The two eventually got married in September 2004 at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan.

At the time, Zack had six children, four with his former wife and two from another relationship with Kirsten Elin.

Inside Zack Snyder’s Marriage with His Wife

In 2011, during Zack and his wife’s feature on The New York Times, the couple opened up about their marriage and how they made it work. 

The couple cited that the entwining of their personal and professional lives contributed to the success of their marriage.

The Army of the Dead director explained directors spent months away from home, which could impact their marriage. 

Directors go away to create for eight months, and if your spouse isn’t involved, it puts a lot of pressure on the marriage because the director is having these intimate life experiences that you can’t relate to. 

He added they had to bond with people during the movie-making process, and between takes, they talked about their lives and got close to others.

The director also shared that having his wife with him during work made their relationship stronger and made him a better director. His wife helped him get his point of view out. 

Meanwhile, Deborah added she was content with their house, dogs, family, and friends. She was much more satisfied and calmer compared to the days when she painted the town red. 

Through Ups and Downs

Although the couple initially did not want any children, they adopted two. 

But in 2017, tragedy struck when Zack’s daughter, Autumn, passed away in March after committing suicide. Autumn was Zack’s daughter from his former marriage, and it happened during the post-production of Justice League

The movie was put on two weeks break as Zack and his wife dealt with the tragic loss.

As soon as the two weeks were up, the couple returned to work, hoping it would distract them from the pain and heartbreak.

But, unfortunately, the demands of the job were intense, and they stepped away from their work

They took time off to be with their family and kids. 

Zack sometimes takes to Twitter to express his love for his late daughter.