Director Zack Snyder revealed that his cut of Justice League releasing on HBO Max on 2021 represented a separate “Snyderverse” that was not tied to the other films running in the DCEU. 

In the interview, the director hinted that his Justice League would diverge from the other established continuity in the DCEU, and would also allow filmmakers to tell their stories without being affected by what’s going on in the other films. 

Snyder was the director who jump-started the DCEU with Man of Steel (2013) and then with Batman V Superman (2015). And although the director was criticized for his overtly-dark tone in the latter, he was commended for his dark and brooding Batman aesthetics, which was befitting of the dark knight. 

So, should Justice League do well on HBO Max, there will undoubtedly be petitions for Ben Affleck to return as Batman in the future as well.   

Ben Affleck’s As Batman?

In an interview with the LightCast Youtube channel, Taylor Murphy affirmed that Ben Affleck had signed a deal with HBO Max for a possible reappearance as Batman and Batman-related project with Snyder. 

Murphy cited the same source who claimed that DC was doing soft reboot of the DCEU with J.J Abrams, Matt Reeves, and James Gunn. 

If the report is to be believed, then Ben Afflecks’s entry into HBO Max would be an interesting turn of events considering that the actor had previously left the project due to creative differences. Now that "Snyderverse" is in full swing, he would probably want to pursue the project given a chance. 

For background, Affleck played Batman in Snyder’s Batman V Superman and was set to write, produce and star in his own Batman project before creative differences with the studio (WB) saw him quit the project. 

Now with the Snyder Cut Justice League releasing in 2021 and Jack Snyder’s focus on authenticity, it is reasonable to believe that Affleck would be extensively involved with Snyder in future Batman projects. 

Possible 'Batman' Films & 'Justice League' Sequels

At this point, we can only assume what future films in the “Snyderverse” could be. The release of the Snyder Cut could probably pave the way for David Ayer’s Cut of Suicide Squad as well.

Ayer has remained vocal in social media platforms about the existence of his cut. He has even confirmed the shooting of a leaked script page. 

In addition to the Batman projects (that would include Snyder and Affleck), other films that might see the light of day are the sequels to Justice League

When the Justice League was being written, the initial plan was for the movie to be divided into two parts. Fans, however, only got to see the first one that was tweaked by Joss Whedon. After that, the plans for the sequel were discarded due to the failure of the first movie.

Now with the release of the original version (as intended by Snyder), fans can definitely see for themselves how the movie may set up the second part, and quite possibly the third.

Snyder’s Justice League will release on HBO Max in 2021. You can also expect to see the director’s Army of the Dead, a zombie heist action film, on Netflix. Its release date hasn’t been announced as of yet.