In a recent interview with Grace Randolph in her Beyond The Trailer channel, director Zack Snyder revealed his plans for "Snyderverse" films, including his cut of Justice League that is releasing in 2021 exclusively on HBO Max. 

In the interview, Snyder provided in-depth information about his experience of editing the film during the Covid-19 pandemic and the purpose of his director's cut for the future of studio films.

He also elaborated more on characters like Cyborg, Batman, and Superman appearing in his films. 

On being asked about the purpose of his upcoming HBO Max Justice League movie, the director reflected upon his commitment to portraying the original ideas and stories in the movie without losing authenticity.

 It's been a way to allow filmmakers ..affirmation of this concept that story tellers matter...Their stoies matter... And I think really the big pressure on me is for it to be true to itself…

In addition, the director pointed out that the upcoming film would oversee changes in storylines of characters such as Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman, and suggested that the upcoming film would represent their own path. 

For me, the movie starts to represent its own path...Its kind of separate from the rest of the films in the DCEU... And that’s a good thing...The power of DC is its mutliverse concept and they put filmmakers first...

What Is the Zack Snyder Cut?

For background, Zack Snyder directed the 2017 Justice League but had to leave during the last stages of the film's production following his daughter's death.

Joss Whedon (Avengers, 2012) was then brought in to continue the directorial duties. But Whedon's theatrical take ended up changing the tone of the film so drastically that there were numerous fan petitions online to release the Snyder cut of the film. 

Months later, Warner Bros. decided to finally release Zack Snyder's version exclusively in the HBO Max streaming platform. Snyder is currently in the post-production stage of the film. 

You can next expect to see the director's Army of the Dead, a zombie heist action film, on Netflix. Its release date hasn't been announced yet.