Ikorodu Bois have become viral sensations after recreating scenes from multimillion-dollar music videos and movies on a shoestring budget with household items. 

With a million followers on Instagram and a certified blue tick, they have won the world with their creativity. 

On July 24, 2020, the boys shared a brilliant remake of Netflix's Chris Hemsworth's Extraction trailer. 

With their ingenuity, some upcycled items, and the iconic wheelbarrow, they captured every dialogue and gunshots fired in the trailer with their 2.11-minute sweded version. 

In just a day, the video caught the Russo Brothers' attention, who retweeted the clip extolling their artistry and even invited them to attend the premiere of Extraction 2. 

"This is awesome! We would love to have you guys at the #Extraction 2 premiere...DM us, and we'll get you there," read their tweet.

Zack Snyder Noticed Their Creative Efforts as Well

The online comedy group has recreated many movies and series before, receiving shoutouts from many top-tier celebrities. 

Recently the boys spoofed Army of the Deadand their creative efforts certainly did not go unnoticed. They shared their latest work on Twitter in their standard side-by-side format. 

Netflixfilm got the boys and Snyder in a virtual sitdown, and Snyder, who got to watch their recreation, complimented their skills and encouraged them to pursue their dreams. 


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The boys employed their ingenious DIY to make their own Netflix placards with paper and matching fonts. 

The deliberately low budget of using a large pile of beans to create a large crowd full of zombies was hilarious. For the famous Army of the Dead CGI zombie tiger, they used a shot of a dog growling which had Snyder cackling. 

The Ikorodu Bois also starred in their remake, and despite their comedic and lighthearted approach in all their movie remakes, they are genuinely interested in film making and have aspirations of making a movie someday. 

Netflix Surprises Ikorodu Bois with Filming Gadgets

After the skit-making trio garnered millions of views and caught Netflix’s attention for the remake of the Extraction trailer, Netflix retweeted them and surprised the boys with professional filming equipment to support their journey. 

The boys took to Twitter and uploaded their reaction video where they were in a state of euphoria.

They expressed their gratitude and were seen examining their new equipment in the video. Netflix also commented on the Twitter post encouraging them to keep at their dreams and wrote that the boys were the future of Hollywood.