Mckenna Grace was only three years old when she started modeling, becoming the face of product packages and ads. Eventually, she entered live-action projects for commercials and campaign ads. 

She became a familiar face in Hollywood, with career-defining roles in TV series and movies such as Young Sheldon, Annabelle Comes Home, The Haunting of Hill House, and The Young and the Restless, to name a few. 

While Grace has undoubtedly become a Hollywood sweetheart with many new projects under her belt, her blossoming career would have never been extant if not for her supportive parents. 

Mckenna Grace's Parents Moved to California for Her

It is fair to say Grace became a Hollywood compatriot because of her parents — father Ross Burge and mother, Crystal Burge. Her mother was the one who introduced her to modeling as a child.

And when Grace chose to join drama classes as a four-year-old, her parents happily supported her decision.

Courtesy of their undying support, her talents shone at her educational center, the Metroplex theatre. As a result, the impressed acting instructors taped her auditions for various Hollywood projects.

It didn't take long for Grace to bag the role of Jasmine on a TV series, Crash & Bernstein, in 2011.

But the opportunity posed a situation in the Burge family. They needed to move to California to take the job or miss out on the chance. Meanwhile, Grace's father, an orthopedic joint reconstruction surgeon, couldn't leave Texas because he needed to complete his school.

In the wake of a dilemma, the family agreed that Grace and her mother move to West Hollywood and Ross to stay temporarily in Dallas. So the mother-daughter duo flew back and forth to Dallas to unite with their family once in a while. 

Mckenna Grace's Grandmother on Her Success

In an interview with Banner News back in July 2017, Grace's grandmother Teri Burge gushed on Grace's breakout success and highlighted how her family had an essential role in her career. 

Teri stressed that Grace's mother handled all her behind-the-scenes success. She said that Crystal would be with Grace on every set, navigating new projects and helping her face the challenges. 

That wasn't all. Crystal would also make sure Grace invested her time outside the film industry. Under her guidance, the child actress became a cheerleader for a football team and visited the church regularly. 

In addition, the Southern Arkansas University alum also kept Grace close to her family roots. She would take The Handmaid's Tale actress to her hometown in Magnolia and let her enjoy the city's landmarks and games. 

Does Mckenna Grace Have Siblings?

If Instagram is anything to go by, Grace doesn't have any siblings. She has never mentioned having any brother or sister on her social media accounts handled by her parents. 

That being said, netizens have drawn similarities between her and fellow actress Kiernan Shipka, claiming they look like siblings.

The conversation spurred after the 15-year-old played the younger version of Shipka's character Sabrina in the hit drama Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. However, they aren't biologically related.