Larry Joe Campbell significantly achieved weight loss circa 2015 after taking up an interesting challenge.

On December 11, 2015, the According to Jim star took to Instagram to share a snap of a weighing machine that read his weight as 263.3 pounds. He wrote, "Scary to post my weight."

He then stated that he wanted his local football team in Peninsula to have as many players as possible.

In return, he promised to lose a pound for every player [9th-11th grader] who committed to playing for the Peninsula High football team.

"Football changed my life. I want the '16 football participation numbers to go up at Palos Verdes Peninsula High," he added.

Why Did Larry Joe Campbell Take a Weight Loss Challenge?

Campbell's decision to lose weight came right around when the Peninsula High football team was struggling with player injuries.

The situation was so bad that the management had to announce a premature end to the team's season, citing a lack of players due to injuries.

Hence, while Campbell wanted to stay in shape and maintain a healthy life by achieving weight loss, he also took up the challenge to help his declining local football team.

By 2017, the team surprisingly turned around its fortune with a new coach and most players on a good run.

Larry Joe Campbell Lost Significant Weight

After he committed to losing weight for every player joining the football team in Peninsula, he was well supported by youths and emerging players.

Campbell, therefore, regularly shared updates of players joining the team, as well as on his weight loss.

For instance, just a week after his post, he grammed another snap of a weighing machine that read his new weight 253.6 pounds. In the post, he stated he lost almost 10lbs while urging more 9-11th graders to commit to 2016 Pen football.

The Euphoria cast member similarly shared that he had lost a massive weight in two months, through his February 5, 2016 post.

Larry Joe Campbell shows his weight loss journey showing his before and after weight.

Larry Joe Campbell shows his weight loss journey by showing his before and after weight. (Photo: Instagram)

"Thank you, current #penhi students. You have motivated and given me my life back. God bless you, boys. #poundperplayer keep signing up for @pvphs Football," he captioned the post showing his weighing machine reading 219.7 pounds.

A massive 44lbs weight difference!

On March 27, 2016, Campbell also shared a smiling picture of his captured by Joe Funk. He showed off his toned-down weight and healthy body in the picture, wearing a striped shirt.

"I also reflected on my diet. I shared the weight loss but added some weight during football. For anyone else who goes up and down, we can do it! It's a new day! Let's go!" he wrote in another post that was posted on November 27, 2016.

Ever since then, he continuously hits the gym and consumes a healthy diet to maintain his weight — and he has succeeded in doing so, too.

He has further flaunted his healthy physique in some of his recent acting projects.

He starred in 2021's TV series Rutherford Falls and was a recurring cast in 2020's television shows Space Force and Carol's Second Act.