Coming from a broken home, animal activist turned reality star Tia Torres had little to no idea as to what it meant to have a happy family. With two daughters and adopted twins in the picture, she finally had a family she could call her own.  

The California native is best known for starring in Animal Planet series Pit Bulls & Parolees -- a show about the Villalobos Rescue Center employees (mostly paroled felons) who along with Tia and her kids rehabilitate abused and abandoned dogs. Her animal activism - both on and off the screen - has made her one of the fan favorites among the viewers of the network, Animal Planet.

To help our viewers get more acquainted with Tia, we have compiled a list of wikis on her including her age, birthday and net worth. Further, we have delved into her married life with her husband and her present relationship with her father, daughters and two other kids.  

1. Tia Torres Wiki-Like Bio: Age, Birthday & Father

Born on 11 June 1960 in California, Tia shares her birthday with the likes of actor Shia LaBeouf and rapper Kodak Black. After her parents’ divorce, her father married her stepmother, who she calls “mom.”

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The Pit Bulls & Parolees, age 52, credits her mother for instilling the love for animals in her. Because she came from a broken home, she found solace in caring for animals at an early age and treated them like her own family.

2. Animal Rescue Expertise Helps Tia Torres Amass Respectable Net Worth

At aged 17, the 52-year-old reality star ran away from her home with a plethora of pets including an Angora goat, two Arabian horses, and a Catahoula Leopard Dog-Cougar in a tow.

After a few years of struggling with homelessness and poverty, she joined the Army and became a truck driver. Later, she became a youth gang counselor.

However, realizing her true calling in animal activism, she reverted to the animal rescue. After a chanced meeting - which involved her daughters taking a liking to a pit bull about to be put in a kennel - at a Los Angeles Shelter, she was inspired to start an animal rescue center called Villalobos Rescue Center.

Find Wanda A Home:- Tia and her kids share the origin story of the dog named Wanda on the episode of their show Pit Bulls & Parolees which aired in 2018 (Published on 13 May 2018)

Her past occupation dealing with troubled youths and parolees and her love for pit bulls would eventually give birth to the reality show Pit Bulls & Parolees.

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Despite showing hesitations after being approached by the TV producers early on, she took up on their offer after donations for her programme began to run dry. Pit Bulls & Parolees is in its 9th season.

As for her net worth, the California native has a fortune of more than $300 thousand.

3. Twice Married, Tia Torres Has History Of Picking Troubled Men As Husbands

At present, Tia is married to a one-time felon and a tattoo artist named Aren Marcus Jackson. It was Aren’s suggestion the sprouted the idea of Pit Bulls & Parolees.

Her husband, Aren is a convicted felon who was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment following a shootout involving him and the Orange County Sheriff deputies. Five years after connecting with him as pen pals, she married Aren - who was out in parole - on the Halloween of 2006.

The 52-year-old reality star was rumored to have been previously married to her oldest daughter’s biological father. Her mysterious rumored ex-husband was a gangbanger, who was shot in front of his mother’s house but had survived the incident. However, he died after years of battle with paralysis.

4. Tia Torres Has 4 Kids: 2 Daughters &  “Adopted” Twins

The oldest of Tia’s two daughters, Tania had a tough upbringing. From losing her father to gang violence to seeing her mother struggle to raise her kids and keep the finances of Villalobos Rescue Center afloat, she went through a lot. In December of 2013, she married a guy named Perry.

Just Married:- Tania and her husband, Perry go for a goth look on the day of their wedding (Photo- Pit Bulls & Parolees' Instagram)

Her sister - Mariah - is the most likely to follow on their mother’s footstep. At aged just 8, she spoke at the LA City Commission conference about the wickedness of dogfighting. Besides animal activism, Mariah aspires to pursue a degree in criminal psychology. 

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On to their “adopted” siblings -- Kanani and Keli’i were friends with Mariah before they began working for Tia. As the twins’ life at home grew hard, they frequented her house and started helping her on various projects.

Soon they became the latest addition to the Villalobos Rescue Center family. The twins provide much-needed humor on the show with their antics.