American Reality Star Rick Dale's wife supported him and stood by him when his career was going downhill. His family members and his wife were involved in the restoring business that subsequently made Rick, a happy man.

The Las Vegas native gained his popularity after his cast on a highly rated History Channel’s reality show American Restorations.

Rick Dale On 'American Restorations': Rich takes FFJournal in the behind-the-scenes tour of his fabrication shop for an episode of 'FFJournal' (Video: Published on Jan 3, 2013)

He is also the owner of Rick Restorations, an antique restoration shop based on Las Vegas.

Rick Dale's Bio: Family Featured In  American Restoration, Fired

Rick was born on 13 December 1970 in Newport Beach, California.  When he was 13, his family moved to Boulder City, Nevada, where he was raised along with his younger brother Ron Dale.

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Since the early age, Rick has inherited a passion for driving as his father was a professional racer. He used to work with his father to build a soapbox racer, and from there he went on working on cars, motorcycles, hot rods, and eventually the Coke machines and gas pumps.

We Are A Family: Rick's family features in the American Restoration series for the first six season. (Photo: Pinterest)

The knowledge passed on from his father got him into the business of restoring and later he opened a shop, Rick’s Restorations. The shop is run by his family members and staffs.

In 2010, his bio had an added moniker of TV star after being selected to be a part of the new show in the History Channel named American Restoration. The the first six seasons were recorded in his restoring shop, Rick’s Restorations at Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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The show documented the daily activities of his antique restoration shop and focused on restoring various vintage items to their original condition. 

Rick's family members also worked for the restoration activities in the series. His brother Ron, wife Kelly and son Tyler also worked in the store and featured on the TV series.

Unfortunately, Rick was fired after the sixth season of the show in 2014 as History wanted a reboot of the show with the new cast and concept in 2016.

Married Kelly Dale After Divorce With First Wife

Being fired from the show was not the first blot on his life as he had faced a failed marriage.

His first marriage ended with a divorce in 1993, and it made him so distraught that, he closed his shop and went bust from the restoration business.  He then married marketing expert Kelly Dale on 11 November 1994.

Rick describes his wife as his lucky charm, having supported him during the downfall of his career. Kelly, who specializes in marketing, helped Rick take the business to the new heights. 

Not just that, Rick regards his wife as the woman of his dreams and he can't imagine life without her. The couple shares two children, a son Tyler, 25 and a daughter Ally. Moreover, he has a 26-year-old stepson named Brettly Otterman.

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Rick, who is a family man manifests his close bond towards his family through his social sites. On the occasion of their marriage anniversary, in November 2016, he shared a Twitter picture with his wife wishing his better half stating that she is the heart and soul of the family.

Love Is In The Air: Rick wishes anniversary to his better half in November 2016. (Photo: Rick Dale's Twitter)

Rick and his other half Kelly have shared most of their lives' important times behind the camera during the broadcasting of the show 'American Restoration' most notably Rick's sweet and touching proposal.

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But the happy couple recalls on the time when they got their first real closure. It was at a bar one evening at a date night when Rick showed up all dressed up. Rick recalls the moment: 

“I’m thinking, ‘Am I going down to promote another bar, or is it a date, or what?....So, this time, I got all dressed up, and when I got there, she was there all by herself.” 

For Kelly, that was the moment when things began to change for them. She perfectly recalls seeing him that date night all dressed up. She recalls:

“I wasn’t interested in his long hair, and I didn’t like the way he dressed,” she said. “When he came in there that night, he looked so good, and he smelled so good that I walked up to him and gave him a big hug and got him drunk.”

Now, the happy couple is living a peaceful life with their loving family. Similarly, Rick also mentions his children on their birthdays and other special occasions in his personal Instagram account, more often than not. 

Enjoys Massive Net Worth Now Through Family Business

Rick currently enjoys a stunning net worth thanks in no large part to his family. He has presently accumulated an impressive net worth of $2.5 Million, a pretty massive figure for someone, who had reportedly gone bust. 

Even after getting fired from American Restoration series, he still ran his restoring shop Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas. Furthermore, he also appeared in various other TV series such as Pawn Stars; Counting Cars alongside famous automobile enthusiast Danny Koker, and in the documentary Coked Up! However, his fortune has not been all about him as he has been impressively helped by his family members to make him a millionaire.

His wife, Kelly handles the business operations and development of Rick’s Restorations. Their son, Tyler runs the shop and the other son, Brettly serves as a salesman and a picker.

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Moreover, their daughter Ally works as the office manager and accounts receivable and their niece, Michelle is the assistant manager and in charge of merchandise.

Ricks Restorations is certainly a family business which has made Rick a happy man so far.