Monica Crowley had a lot explaining to do amidst rumors of her marriage with a man, who isn’t her alleged longtime boyfriend, Bill Segel. The former FOX News Analyst appeared appalled by the news.

The 49-year-old protege; in 1990 at the tender age of 22, was hired as a research assistant by the then president of United States of America, Richard Nixon. Her controversial takes on international politics have landed her on the hot water now and then. According to her Facebook bio, she portrays a look of brazen hardened woman labeling herself a ‘Happy Warrior.’

Talking Politics: Political Analyst Monica Crowley discussing why most of the people hate Donald Trump (Published on Jan 20, 2018 )

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The former Fox political analyst is now in the books of consultant firm Douglas Sochen serving as a consultant. 

Monica Crowley Bio: Age, Education

Monica Crowley was born on 19 September 1968 as Monica Elizabeth Crowley in Fort Huachuca, Sierra Vista, Arizona, the United States in an Army Base.

Much information is not available regarding her parents, as she is a very private person in terms of her family and personal life.

Monica graduated from Colgate University in political science. In 2000, she received her Ph.D. in International Relations from Colombia University.

When she was just a student, she kept sending letters to President Richard Nixon about her views and opinions. This made Richard Nixon choose her as a research assistant to him.

Conservative Pundit Carved A Way To White House, Huge Net Worth

While working at The White House, The Arizona Native edited and consulted Nixon’s last two books. After Nixon’s death in April 1994, she published two more books on Nixon.

Monica’s career, however, didn't take off until she began writing a regular column for the New York Times. She has also penned columns for The Washington Post, The New Yorker, and The Wall Street Journal.

As for her career as a radio personality, the author/entrepreneur was a commentator for NPR’s Morning Edition in the mid-90’s. Her radio show is available for all listeners in the podcast section on iTunes.

Of all her employment, TV is the one medium that propelled the Ph.D. laurate into celebrity status. Her work as a foreign affairs and political analyst has spawned over twenty-five years, working for America’s major news networks such as FOX News and MSNBC where she shared her views along with another political commentator Michelle Bernard.

Appearing sometimes as a panelist on FOX News Channel’s Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld and as a guest on The O'Reilly Factor, the former protege of Nixon has been the face of conservative media for almost a decade now.

Following the 2016 presidential election where she served as a staunch Trump Supporter, the Colombia University alumni left FOX News for the White House to work as deputy national security advisor. 

In 2017, Monica’s new employment as a consultant for the firm of Douglas Sochen required her to be registered her as a foreign agent by law. At Douglas, she worked for Ukrainian industrialist and political figure Victor Pinchuk lending her expertise in white house related affairs. 

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Monica has a net worth of $4 million, while her reported salary is around $170,500. Her TV gigs and part-time consultant work constitute the large part of her net worth and salary. Monica has carved a fantastic career as a political analyst and along with Dana Perino is one of the most influential women commentators with a whopping net worth. 

Protege Turned Plagiarist

Amidst all her success in TV and print media, in 1999 the controversial political figurehead first gained notoriety for allegedly plagiarizing a piece she had written on Nixon for The Wall Street Journal from an 11-year-old article by Chad Johnson. In response to the allegation, she replied:

I would never use the material without citing it.

17 years later, She would once again make a headline for similar reasons. Critics accused her of plagiarizing for not citing sources in her book What (The Bleep) Just Happened? CNN found that there were more than 50 examples of plagiarism in her book.

CNN accused that the plagiarism came from a variety of sources including the copying with minor changes of news articles, other columnists, think tanks, and Wikipedia.

She was turned in for charges of plagiarism even in her Ph.D. dissertation by Politico.

Alan Colmes Married to Crowley; Jocelyn Crowley To Be Specific

As for her romantic life, The former FOX News reporter has kept the details of her past boyfriends under a wrap. However, her high profile rumored romance with Director/Producer Bill Siegel made a significant noise. Despite their alleged long-term relationship, neither have engaged in PDA -- or not at least in public domain.

Fake Rumors: Alan Colmes, her dating-rumored husband and Monica covering the 2016 presidential election's final debate (Photo: Monica Crowley's Twitter)

However, her married life was sensationally baking in the media after it was revealed that her husband was liberal pundit Alan Colmes.

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The relationship rumor majorly came since Monica and Alan shared the same line of work. Monica and Alan were both in the business of political reporting and were regularly linked up to interviews and talk shows, which intensified the rumors of dating and a married relationship between the two. 

Her alleged husband, Alan Colmes as it turns out was married to her sister, Jocelyn. Alan was a liberal political pundit - who worked for FOX News - died on February 23, 2017. Jocelyn and Alan had lived together as an engaged couple for many years before finally tying the knot in 2003.

For someone who’s never married, the rumor of being married to her sister’s husband, a dead one at that, must've been hard!