Dana Perino is a known face among regular fox news viewers where she dissects the political scene with incisive analysis and remarks. Those traits have not only made Dana one of the most famous political commentator but also earned her millions of quid, making her one of the wealthiest women on TV.

The Evanston native is the go-to girl in the Fox News Network. Whether that be the POTUS' foreign visit or the effects of war on the Korean Peninsula in the global scene, she is always there for the analysis. Apart from commentating on political matters for the Fox News, she also is a co-host of Fox's The Five talk show and also hosts a daily show The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino. 

Day Job: Dana Perino hosts her daily show on Fox News, The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino covering about the Senate's voting process for the election of attorney Bret Kavanaugh as the US' 114th Justice of the Supreme Court (Published on Oct 5, 2018 )

Not only is she a prolific name on the TV, but also has served in several bureaucratic positions, the most notable as White House Press Secretary for George Bush. 

Began Her Career As Journalist Before Moving To Bureaucracy

The beautiful small screen star had an interest in politics from an early age, and her education reflected that choice. After graduating in mass communications with a minor in political science, she continued her education. She followed up on her interest and post graduated in foreign affairs. Her media career had already begun when she was in college as reporter and correspondent for various local channels. 

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She moved into bureaucracy and served as assistant to congressman Scott McInnis, and also worked as the press secretary for Dan Schaefer for four years until 1998. After a brief move to the UK, she was back in the US and worked as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice for two years.

She slowly climbed up the ladder in the white house bureaucracy scene, and by 2005 she was the deputy press secretary for the president. And two years later, in September 2007, she was promoted to the post of Press Secretary for the White House, a position she held till the end of Bush Administration tenure in January 2009. 

Returned To Journalism After White House Stint

After leaving the White House, she moved to Fox News as a political commentator. In Fox News also she quickly upgraded to an anchor, and as of 2018, she hosts two programs, The Five and The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino with the news network along with numerous other guest appearances. 

And her time with Fox has seen her climb one step to other. Initially joining as a political commentator, she has been one of the five panelists on The Five since its inception in 2011. 

Moreover, she has also been helping wash away the image of Fox after sexual scandals of 16 and 17. She was a fill-in anchor for Billy O'Reilly in 2017 and announced his departure in the wake of sexual abuse scandals that engulfed the whole of the States.

Dana Perino's Life Away From Screen Is As Serene As It Gets, Husband Is Businessman

Born on 9 May 1972 as Dana Marie Perino to parents of Italian origin, she had a romantic affair with UK born businessman Peter McMahon. After dating for about a year somewhere around 1997-98, the couple tied the knots in late 1998. 

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After her marriage with Peter, Dana moved to the UK for about three years but returned to the US after being invited by the Department Of Justice. 

After, working for DoJ, she has taken the helm of the most prominent bureaucratic positions of the states with massive responsibilities and even better salary.

Dana Perino Salary In The Upper Echelons, Net Worth Shows

Dana Perino has held some prominent positions during her time. She worked with the Bush administration for eight years and during her time as the Press Secretary she commanded a salary of $172, 200 per annum. Whats more, she also worked with Bush's incumbent Barrack Obama where she enjoyed a handsome annual salary. 

Furthermore, she is also the best selling author and has written two books, the proceeds of which has added to her net worth. 

And for her works with Fox News, she is paid a handsome salary of more than $250 Ks per annum. All these earnings have made Dana, one of the highest earning female news reporters working today. She boasts a whopping net worth of $4 million and whats more, with her career on the up, the net worth is sure to swell.