Serena Altschul, an American broadcast journalist, lives a family life full of delight apart from her glistering journalism career. While she is devoting most of her life to her career, the question raised here is regarding her marital status.

Even though Serena lives a perfect family life, is she married and has a husband?

Well, here are some things figured about Serena for you. So keep reading!

A Glance at Serena Altschul's Family Life

Serena Altschul, the former MTV News correspondent, has a prosperous family life. Even though she gets caught up in reporting and hosting, Serena is perfectly balancing her career and her family.

Serena, who is much into her career, has not opened up much about her love life. She has been living a low-key life with her family. It is still a mystery if she is married or still sharing a dating life with a man she often posts pictures with on her Instagram.

However, it has come to light that Serena is already blessed with a child. Serena shares a daughter with her possible husband, whose name has not yet been revealed. 

Even though Serena does not talk much about her possible husband or daughter, she has not missed out on sharing pictures of them on her Instagram. She shared a picture of her man carrying her daughter on his shoulder which she captioned calling them their babies.

(Photo: Serena Altschul's Instagram)

Well, in one of the stories reported by her, she did open up about the name of her daughter and as per the story, her daughter goes by the name Vivian.

However, it is still a mystery if the man in the photos is her husband, as Serena has neither disclosed anything about it in her social media nor on any interviews. 

More About Serena Altschul

Serena Altschul, who has her family life perfectly on the horizon to be cherished on, also has a career to ponder upon. Born as the daughter of Arthur Altschul, who had Jewish ancestry and was an American Banker and partner of Goldman, Sachs. , Serena grew up to be a broadcasting journalist.

The New York native was raised by her mother Siri Von Reis after her parent's divorce when she was just 2 years old. Her mother was an author and botanist of half-Finnish and half-Swedish ancestry. She belongs to a high-profile family and her father, who was also one of the founders of General American Investors married reality television personality Patricia Dey in 1996.

Talking about her siblings, a brother who is a wealthy banking scion Arthur Goodhart Altschul Jr. is married to journalist Rula Jebreal and her sister, Emily Altschul, is married to former journalist and NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller.

She attended Scripps College in California, for a few years studying English Literature but did not graduate.

She started her journalism career in 1993 while she was still in college as an associate producer of a political documentary The Last Party.

Serena, who stands at the height of 1.7m (5 feet 7 inch), took her first step in the world of journalism by reporting for Channel One News, which was viewed in high schools nationwide. She worked for two years. She began her journey working for Channel One for two years and later landed her a job at MTV in 1987. 

As time went by, in 1996, Serena started working for MTV News as a contributor to the cable network's "Choose or Lose" political awareness campaign. During her time in MTV, Serena covered stories ranging from hard news to popular culture stories along with profiles of political leaders and musical legends.

She even hosted an acclaimed edition of MTV's "True Life" series.

Serena, while climbing her height of success, worked for CNN as well. During her time at CNN, she hosted a one-hour "CNN Presents" special on the return of PCP(Phencyclidine), a drug which has mind-altering effects. Serena also contributed to "NewsNight With Aaron Brown."

She has also appeared in the 1999 song, "Dope Man" and the films Queen of the Damned and Josie and the Pussycats.

Her excellence in the field of journalism has bagged her an Edward R. Murrow Award for sports reporting in 2007.  

While working at CNN, she still worked of MTV. Later in December of 2003, Serena was named CBS News contributing correspondent. Since 2013 till this date, Serena works as a contributor for "CBS Sunday Morning."

Her 2 decades-long career in journalism has earned her a lot of name and fame along with wealth. Although she earns an impressive salary from her profession, Serena, for some security reasons, remains adamant when it comes to revealing the exact figures of her net worth.