Kimberly Scott had numerous ups and downs in her life; mostly because of her relationship with ex-husband Eminem. The star who had a problematic relationship with Eminem, however, seemed to have come through the pains after flaunting her toned body.

Kimberly Anne Scott age 43, is a writer who writes greeting cards, puzzles and children books and also serves as a freelance illustrator. She became tremendously popular after marrying the legendary rapper, Eminem. 

Legal Issues: Kimberly Scott appears in Macomb County Circuit Court with her attorney Michael Smith 26 March  2007 in Mt. Clemens. (Photo:

We reveal fascinating wikis about Eminem's former love including her tough upbringing and a problematic relationship with rapper Eminem along with her net worth. 

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Kimberly Anne Scott Abused By Step Father At Young Age

Kimberly was born on 9 January 1975 to father Casimer Sluck and mother Kathleen Sluck. Born and brought up in Michigan, USA, she had a very close connection with her twin sister, Dawn Scott.

Growing up, these two sisters had a tough childhood. Their alcoholic stepfather abused Kimberly mentally and sexually. Due to which, the sisters ran out of the house and stayed at a Youth home from 1998. Later they moved in with Debbie Nelson, Eminem’s mother.

However,  Dawn passed away in early 2016 after an overdose of heroin, and the closeness between the sisters was evident when she adopted her sister's daughter Alaina Marie Mathers.

Kimberly Scott Married Eric Hatter After Divorce With Eminem 

Kimberly married Eminem on 14 June 1999 and again remarried on 2006. The couple first met when he was 15, and she was aged just 13 at a house party. In a short period, he bought her to his house and introduced it to his mother, Debbie Nelson.

Kimberly’s relationship with her husband Eminem has had a lot of troubles. The on and off couple gave birth to their first daughter Hailie Jade Mathers on the Christmas of 1995. Eminem started working odd jobs to support his family, but the pressure got him which ended up creating complication on their relationship. He even wrote a song 97 Bonnie $ Clyde which talked about murdering his wife and his daughter helping him dispose of the body.

But even with such occurrences, the couple ended up marrying in 1999. This did not lead to the end of their marriage complications. During the year 2000, Eminem reportedly found Kimberly kissing rapper John Guerra in the parking lot which led him to whip John with a 9mm pistol. And, the pair split in 2001.

Kimberly married Eric Hatter and gave birth to their daughter Whitney in 2002. But the marriage did not last long, and the couple ended up with a divorce.

Kimberly Into Drug Troubles & Net Worth: Due To Eminem

After her marriage with Eminem, Kimberly has been in the spotlight for various reasons. According to the wiki, she was charged and arrested for the possession of cocaine in 2001. After two years she was also charged with possession of cocaine, driving with a suspended license and dangerous driving near a stopped emergency vehicle in the year 2003.

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Kimberly tried to commit suicide in October 2015 after she purposely drank before driving her black Escalade with the sole intention of crashing it, which she admitted during one of the Detroit radio show.

As of 2018, Kimberly has the net worth of $2 Million, which is mostly because of the marriage and highlights about it with her former husband, Eminem.

New Beginnings With Former Husband Eminem Unsuccessful

Kimberly’s life took a new turn after she rekindled her romance with former husband Eminem and married again in 2006. Eminem went on to adopting Whitney as well as his younger half-brother Nate. Sadly, the marriage lasted for 41 days which led to Kimberly with depression and addiction. Eminem was provided with the custody of the children.

Love For Tattoos: Eminem's ex-wife Kim Scott shows off her inkings in a blue and white bikini at her home in Detroit in 2016 (Photo:

As of present, Kimberly looks happy and healthy with her life as she was spotted in a swimsuit at her home in 2016 while taking delivery of some large fitness equipment.

She seems to have successfully put her past life of drugs and violence behind her and could be looking for a fresh start in her life. 

Eminem Defending Kim's Daughter Vs. Machine Gun Kelly.

Though the chemistry between Eminem and Kimberly is doomed for good, his concern for the children from failed relationship seems everlasting. Eminem is escalated as famously protective in his father role with adequate references left behind on his own. 

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Eminem's surprise release, Kamikaze in August 2018 has become the talk of the town an entire month and beyond.

The controversy came down to a diss track intended to point fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly for his inappropriate comment on Eminem's daughter -with former wife Kimberly, Hailie Jade. The comment was made via tweet referring to his beautifully grown-up daughter. 

Hot as F***

Kelly later dismissed the tweet but it didn't save him from the dissing slurs of rapper father. That was quite a strong disdain Eminem showed in support of a daughter from his despised ex-wife.