Kimberly Anne Scott, who is renowned as the ex-wife of the legendary rapper Marshall Bruce Mathers III AKA Eminem, had numerous ups and downs in her life. 

To be precise, the author and illustrator have been through more downs than ups — either being troubled by her stepfather in her childhood or having a problematic relationship with Eminem.

If you didn't know, the former couple married and divorced twice.

Their relationship issues have been highlighted a lot in some of Eminem's rap songs such as 'Kim' (The Marshall Mathers LP), 'Bad Husband' (Revival), 'Bonnie and Clyde' (Slim Shady EP, and The Slim Shady LP), Mockingbird (Encore), Say Goodbye To Hollywood (The Eminem Show), Till I Collapse ( Till I Collapse), and Soldier (The Eminem Show). 

These songs have covered a diverse timeframe of their relationship from the time they got together, their life in poverty, physical assault in their relationships from both sides, Emminem's dissatisfaction regarding Kim's affair & drug abuse, his disappointment on getting tattoos of her name to his apology dedicated to her for being a bad husband.   

The former pair had a daughter together (Hailie Jade) when 8 Miles came out.

The movie was loosely based on his real life but didn't show the actual real-life relationship story of Kim and Eminem but drew parallels to their relationship in regard to infidelity.

In this article, learn about Kimberly Anne Scott's childhood and age; know how much net worth she possesses; and, also find out the details of her daughters with Eminem.

Where is Kimberly Ann Scott Now?

Kimberly Ann Scott, known as Kim Mathers currently resides in rural Michigan. 

According to The Things, Kim receives financial help from her former husband Eminem if necessary. 

Professionally, she has been involved in freelance writing and illustrating stints. 

The Michigan native has been doing her best to move on from the latest trauma she suffered in August 2021 because of her mother's death. 

At the time, she made national headlines for attempting suicide by wounding her legs.

She also became the subject of death rumors in the social media aftermath of the incident.

But this wasn't the first time she had initiated to take her life.

Previously in 2015, she attempted suicide in a car accident on an empty road. According to reports, she was drunk at the time.

She was then fined $900 and was put on 1 year-long probation.  

Later, in 2016, she spoke to Detriot's Channel 995 radio and revealed that she wasn't happy despite having enough money  to "pay bills" or buy her children "whatever they ask for."

"But you lose friends, you lose family, you have no one you can trust you can speak to," she expressed.

The same year in June, She was also publicly clicked donning a bikini with a seemingly healthy fit body while taking delivery of some fitness equipment, according to Dailymail

Did Kimberly and her Former Husband Eminem Ever Get Back Together?

No, Eminem and Kimberly didn't get back together as a couple after their second divorce in 2006 ending their nearly 20 years of relationship.

However, the pair rekindle their friendship in 2010. The year tabloids also covered their dating rumors, which Eminem's reply and close circles denied. 

Till today, the former pair have been keeping their relationship friendly for the sake of their children. 

And believe it or not, Eminimen's only serious relationship in life was with Kim. 

The pair remained married from 1991 to 2001 until their first divorce. They again remarried in January 2006 but the rapper filed for a divorce in April. 

The pair had first met when Eminem was 15 and Kim was 13. Kim and her twin sister had run from home at the time.

Kim And Eminem Married Twice

After knowing each other from an early age, Kimberly Anne Scott and Eminem blossomed their friendship into a relationship. The relationship, eventually, yielded results, as they welcomed their first biological child, a daughter named Hailey Jade, on December 25, 1995.

To strengthen their relationship, the teenage lovers got hitched in the year 1999 — about four years after becoming parents together. However, the marital relationship did not go well as they divorced within two years of marriage, in 2001.

One of the reasons for their separation was the 2000s incident when Eminem reportedly found Kimberly kissing rapper John Guerra in the parking lot. That also led him to whip John with a 9mm pistol, followed by his getting arrested.

But the former couple again reconsidered each other — the two got married for the second time in January 2006. But the reunion did not last long either, as they filed for divorce just three months later.

In her defense, Kim sat with ABC News and alleged that their relationship was no longer the same after Eminem got famous.

She also noted that both of them cheated in their relationship but she never went to the media to talk about them, unlike her former partner. 

Kim revealed that Eminem left her and their children on 25 February 2006 after she had an argument with his brother and later send his attorney a month after with divorce papers. 

Kim's Children Are Raised by Eminem

Although Eminem has only one biological daughter, Hailey Jade, with Kim Scott, he did raise two other daughters: Whitney Scott Mathers (Stevie Lane Mathers), and Alaina Marie Mathers (Kim's niece they adopted, the biological daughter of her sister who died of heroin overdose in 2016).

Both the other two daughters are connected to Kim.

Kim Scott (second from left) with her children: Alaina Marie Mathers (first left), Hailey Jade (first right), Whitney Scott Mathers (second from right) and Parker Scott (in front)

Kim Scott (second from left) with her children: Alaina Marie Mathers (first left), Hailey Jade (first right), Whitney Scott Mathers (second from right), and Parker Scott (in front) (Source: Pinterest

Among the other two, Alaina Marie Mathers is Kim's twin sister Dawn's biological daughter. Alaina, who was born on 3 May 1993, to Dawn Scott, was adopted by Eminem and Kim.

 The former couple did so to ensure that Alaina did not succumb to her mother's fate, as her mother, Dawn, had trouble with drugs and lived a troubled lifestyle.

Speaking about Whitney Scott Mathers, Kim gave birth to her in 2002 with her ex-partner Eric Hatter, a tattoo artist.

She was in a brief relationship with Hatter after her first divorce from Eminem in 2001. They separated after the birth of Whitney. Eminem adopted Whitney and raised her along with his other two daughters.


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Presently, as of May 2023, all three girls are grown up — Hailey Jade is 27 years old and a graduate of Michigan State University.

Whitney Scott Mathers is 21 years old and proudly bi.  Alaina Marie Mathers is 30 years old and often stays away from the limelight.

Parker Scott

Parker Scott is the youngest of all the children.

His exact birthdate is yet unknown, however, both Kim and Marshall have confirmed that Eminem is not his father.

Unsubstantiated rumors point to Parker's dad's name being Mick Parker. However, there is no evidence to back this claim other than internet hearsay.

Despite Eminem being the biological father of only 1 of the 4 children, he has never let that stop him from embracing all his children as his own and showering them with love, admiration, and care. 

Kim Was Abused by Step Father at a Young Age

Kimberly Anne Scott was born on January 9, 1975, in Warren, Michigan, USA. She was born as a twin alongside her sister Dawn Scott.

The twin sisters were born to mother Kathleen Sluck and father Casimer Sluck; however, they were made to know very little about their father, reports People.

Kim's mother, later, married another man, and thus, the twin sisters were raised by their mother and stepfather.

But the twins had to experience a tough childhood, courtesy of their alcoholic stepfather who often abused them. Because of that, they ran away from home in 1988 and settled at a youth shelter outside of Detroit.

Eminem Took Kim His Home, Shortly After They Met

Kimberly Anne Scott and her now ex-husband Eminem met for the first time at a house party. At that time, she was on a run from her abusive father and was only 13 years old, while the legendary rapper was 15.

Kimberly Anne Scott and her ex-husband Eminem

Kimberly Anne Scott and her ex-husband Eminem (Source: TheSun)

In the book, How Eminem Got Started: Lessons from a Legend (How It All Got Started), written by Ramses M, the 48 years old rapper recalled the very first time he met Kim.

He remembered, "I’m standing on top of their coffee table with my shirt off, with a Kangol on, mocking the words to LL Cool J’s ‘I’m Bad.’ And I turn around and she’s at the door smoking."

In a short period of knowing each other, Eminem bought Kim to his house and introduced her to his mother, Debbie Nelson.

"He introduced her as Kim Scott and said she needed a place to stay. I was happy to help out. Kim said she was 15 and I had no reason to doubt that. In truth, she was so cute and busty that she could have passed at 17, " Eminem's mother Nelson stated in her 2008 memoir My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem.

Kimberly Ann Scott has Decent Net Worth despite Jailtime & Drug Trouble

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kim Scott has a total net worth of $2 million.

Although the source of her income is unknown, it can be assumed that her ex-husband Eminem has contributed to her net worth. The legendary rapper's net worth marks over $230 million.

In 2001, Kim and Emionem agreed that she would receive $475,000 to search for a new home as the rapper would keep their $450,000 Michigan home as part of their divorce settlement.  

They also accepted to have mutual child custody. 

In November of the same month, the Macomb County court ordered him to pay $52,000 annually to Kim in child support. 

Previously, in the summer of 2001, she was charged with drug possession after police found her with a “white powdery substance" in the back of a patrol car. 

The incident also led to Kim getting less child support amount than claimed because the judge also accounted that she may not be able to take full responsibility for their children.

Later in 2003, she was arrested again for possession of two bags of cocaine and unsafe driving. 

The incident resulted in Kim paying a hefty fine. At the time, she had already been put on probation in her 2001's drug possession verdict. 

However, she violated the probation and was kept a month in jail.

Later in their 2006's divorce (married in January, filed in December), they also agreed to a property settlement deal, which now remains unrevealed. 

At the time, Kim's lawyer said to People that Kim was looking forward to moving on in her life. 

“She is a very articulate, very smart woman. She is going back to college to study design. She just wants to be a mom and go back to college. That’s what she wants to do right now,” she said.

She also revealed that the pair's relationship was not over. She shared,

There was a lot of sadness about why this didn’t work out. They’ve been together for 17 years. They’re life-long friends, lovers, have been husband and wife, they’re raising children together… It’s not the end and it’s not over between them.

And in 2013, Kim's mother Kathy Sluck (died 2021) revealed that her former son-in-law was building a house for the mother of his children (Kim). 

She said that the house was located just five miles from his house.

Talking to Dailymail, she also claimed that the relationship between them was better and claimed that they might get back together soon.

As per The Sun, Eminem has reportedly, or in some cases rumoredly, dated the likes of Kaya Jones, Britney Spears (2002), Brittany Murphy (2002), Mariah Carey, Karrine Steffans (2003, rumor), Joy McAvoy (2000's) and Tara Reid (mentioned in album Kamikaze).

Quick Facts About Kim Scott

  • In 2009, Kim Scott authored a children's book titled Mommy! There's a Snot Man Standing Next to You!
  • Kim Scott's twin sister Dawn was found dead in her squalid mobile home in Warren in January 2016. The cause was an overdose from heroin intake.
  • In October 2015, Kimberly tried to commit suicide after she purposely drank before driving her black Escalade.