American commentator Guy Benson is on his cloud nine as he and his long-time boyfriend are officially engaged. 

Saudi Arabian native is famously known for being a contributor to Fox News. His fame got enriched when he started co-hosting FOX News Radio's Benson and Harf.

Talking Politics: Political editor Guy Benson debates on the behalf of liberals, while former Obama State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf argues on the behalf of Republicans as they drive a heated argument of ideologies (Published on 1 May 2018 )

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Up recently, Guy works actively as the political editor of and the radio host of Fox Radio.

Guy Benson Career Path:

Political Pundit Guy, graduated in Journalism from the Northwestern University back in 2007. During his college days, he broadcasted and hosted a political talk show for the campus radio station. 

After graduation, he served as a producer to The Sandy Rios Show. Then from 2008 to 2015, he hosted his radio night program The Guy Benson Show. Amid hosting the radio show, Guy also became a political editor at in 2010. 

He started appearing as a political pundit on News networks such as Fox News and CNBC. Moreover, Guy authored a book titled, End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)  together with co-author Mary Katharine Ham in 2015.

With his endeavors, it is sure that he has amassed quite an appreciable amount of wealth. Though his salary is not all out in the open, it can still be calculated.

According to, an average Fox News contributor makes around $60,000 as salary and top earners make more than $75,000. Since Guy Benson is well recognized in his line of work and also collects the salary as a radio host and an editor, it is quite clear that he has amassed a hefty net worth to himself.

Guy Benson Came Out As Gay In His Book

Before the publication of the book, in May 2015, Guy came out as a gay by revealing that his book contains a footnote: "Guy here. So, I'm gay." He also talked to the Buzzfeed on May 2015 and revealed that the gay rights are not the subject that dominates his attention or passions. 

33-year-old Guy, who was born on 7 March 1985, is blissfully accepted by his family members. He holds a close-knit relationship with his parents.

He has posted pictures with his father multiple times, so it is quite evident that they have something bigger than just a father-son relationship.

Likewise, he also has a good relationship with his brother George Benson. 

He timely updates his Instagram accounts with the pictures of his family members and shares his affection for them. Moreover, He is not only close to his parents but also to his mysterious boyfriend. 

Social Media Hints Budding Relationship 

Guy is usually busy talking about politics and news. Perhaps, that's why he is not much audible in case of his love life and dating status. But his social media provided a pathway to get familiar with him personally.

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The political commentator has been dating a man, and he timely uploads the picture of his partner in his Instagram as well. However, he makes sure not to reveal the name of his boyfriend, and also keeps their dating timeline concealed. 

Nevertheless, it has come to the limelight that Guy started uploading pictures with his partner since 2017. He attended various events and programs with his boyfriend and flaunted the quality times they spent together on Instagram. 

One such instance is when Guy attended the wedding ceremony of his pal, Emily with his partner on 8 April 2018, and shared the moments on Instagram.

Gay Couple Alert!: Guy Benson proposes partner in the mid of their boating (Guy Benson 's Instagram)

After a month, Guy not only surprised his partner but also his followers by announcing his engagement with his boyfriend.

On 26 May 2018, he Instagrammed a picture where he appeared to have proposed his boyfriend on a boat, and his partner could not resist but gasp with his hands on his face. In the caption, Guy revealed his engagement writing "HeSaidYes."

He thanked all his friends and well-wishers who wished him on his engagement on July 2018 via Twitter. 

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With their budding relationship that has leaped on to engagement, it is likely that their wedding bells are ringing soon.